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    I bought a bunch of Series 5 and 6 Simpsons figures at Game Stop at half price ($6.99 is their regular price) this week. I went to one store that didn't have them marked down, but showed them the receipt from the store that did and they said if I bought two or more they would match the price. They did, even giving me half off of Series 7! I couldn't believe it. I got Dolf, Cletus, Mrs. Krabapple, Hans Moleman, and Officer Lou for $3.50 each! Now I just need the Krusty Burger playset and I'm caught up until Series 8 and Celebrity Series 1!
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    Talking Another round of 7

    I ran into another shelf-full of series 7 figures yesterday at a Los Angeles TRU. They had both playsets as well. If you missed these guys, keep an eye out for them to show up again soon.

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    The only store I can seem to find any Simpsons Figures is Target. And only 2 Targets in the entire Western Metro Area...the only figures I have EVER seen on shelves out here is the 1st Wave (except for Grampa), Kamp Krusty Bart, Ned & Wiggum. And finally I saw the Hans Moleman and Officer Lou wave the other day but that's it. NONE of the figures have ever surfaced here and if they have they were picked up quick.

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    Hey guys, I picked up Fat TOny ay EB the last night. They also had Herbert Powell and Troy McLure too. They looks pretty cool. All 3 of them work in the Simpson's Kitchen and Krusty Burger playsets.
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    All I can say is Omaha sucks. We didn't receive series 7 until about three weeks ago, way after most of the country. it's like the toy companies decide not to ship to us until last. I'm still waiting on the Eeth Koth/Zutton wave and Imperial Officer wave and tomorrow is March 1st. Most of these were available in late November/Early December for most of the country. No wonder I'm missing the really hard to get stuff from the last few waves of the EP I line. Anyway, back to Simpsons here is a list of things I need in case anyone can help me out. They are mostly exclusives.

    Series 1

    Series 2
    Pin Pal Homer
    Sunday Best Bart

    Series 3
    Sunday Best Homer
    Kamp Krusty Bart

    Series 5
    Kent Brockman
    Captain McCallister
    Sideshow Mel
    Bumblebee Man

    Series 6
    Mascot Homer

    Series 7
    Officer Marge

    Living Room w/ Marge and Maggie
    Nuclear Power Plant w/ Radioactive Homer
    Kwik-E-Mart w/ Apu
    Springfield Elementary w/ Principal Skinner
    Krustylu Studios w/ Side Show Bob
    Town Hall w/ Mayor Quimby
    Bowl-A-Rama w/ Pin Pal Apu
    Comic Shop w/ Comic Book Guy
    First Church of Spingfield w/ Reverend Lovejoy
    Noiseland Arcade w/ Jimbo Jones
    Family Kitchen w/ Muumuu Homer
    Krusty Burger w/ Pimply Faced Teenager

    Radioactive Homer (Toyfare)
    Pin pal Mr. Burns (Toyfare)
    Boxing Homer (Toyfare)
    Convention Comic Shop Guy (Toyfare)
    Pin Pal Moe (Toyfare)
    Tree House of Horror I (TRU)
    Tree House of Horror II (TRU)
    Family Christmas w/ Family and Maggie on Santa's Little Helper
    Lunar Base w/ Radiactive Man and Fallout Boy (Diamond)

    If anyone knows where I can get these for a reasonable price then please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I picked up Herb Powell at TRU today. He was $7.99 which is a little expensive for Simpsons figures at TRU. I figure they may be a little more expensive because of the Celebrity voices they have.
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    Talking Series 8 hits Los Angeles TRU

    So I ran across the new Series 8 wave today in a Burbank TRU. It's always a pleasure running into a shelf full of new Simpsons toys. I think Willie's my favorite. I can't wait to hear what he sounds like!!!

    Simpsons Figures Series 8

    Sherri and Terri
    Superintendant Chalmers
    Ragin Willie
    Daredevil Bart

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    Yeah, I saw them too. I love Uter and I picked up a Ragin' Willy. I can't pass up an Scottsman who comes with a flask and a can of grease!

    Edit: Yeah, he is, my mistake.
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    Isn't Willie Scottish?
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    Not sure, but he sure sure is ripped!


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