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    Talking Found the Playsets

    I ran across the new playsets at a Burbank TRU this morning. I was surprised to see they upped the price two bucks!!! They're going for $21.99 now. Huh?

    Great sets as usual!!!

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    I am sick of collecting The Simpsons! There is a new wave every month! I can't keep up! The playsets are too expensive! Arrrggg!

    I am scaling back. No more Homers, Barts or anyone else I already have. That will help a little. But the hook is that I need the playsets so they can talk, so I will have to buy them!

    Playmates, if you are reading this, SLOW DOWN. You are making me mad and you will run out of figures to make anyways and the ones you will make will suck (aka Mascot Homer). SLOW DOWN!
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    Indeed. The playsets are far too expensive. I don't realy want any of them, but I DO want the figures that come with them. Playmates should release the figures that were with the environments seperate. I think the only reason they include a pack in is so that people will buy them in order to get just the figure. A smart merchandising tactic by Playmates, but one that makes me very angry since I REFUSE to pay that much for them. A more reasonable price would be something like $12.99. I mean, come on now. It's only plastic and it isn't THAT expensive to make these things. In the long run they'd probably sell more. Oh well, I guess I'll just get them of ebay when I can get a good deal.
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    Talking New Stuff @ TRU

    My neighborhood TRU has the new Wave 2 Celebrity series as well as the new playsets - Retirement Home & Police Station. Everything looks great as usual. Be on the look-out for these at a store near you very soon, if not RIGHT NOW!!!

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    Must slow down. . . Too many Simpsons. . .

    I see that the next wave (9?) will have a Disco Stu, Rod & Todd, and all resculpts! I might pick up Stu, since I've been craving a Stu figure since the line began, but I'm having serious doubts about collecting past this point. Hasbro and Playmates are at war over my dollar, and, well, Star Wars has to take precedence.
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    Right on El Chuxter! I've also run into the 2nd Celebrity series. Very cool! As well as the new playsets.

    They are getting too expensive! Especially those new Exclusive 2-packs. Homer and Lurleen, Homer and Marge, Marge and Jaques, Homer and Mindy Simmons! Too expensive at $30 a pop!

    I think the colectibility of The Simpsons figures is starting to slow down fast. I think with new Muppets, Star Trek, Star Wars, and MOTU lines, collector's interests are drifting.
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    I just picked up Series 9 at Target at the $4.99 sale price they are having this week. Playsets are also on sale as well for $14.99 but they only have Selma w/ Springfield DMV and Cafateria w/ Lunchlady Doris.
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    Cool Series 9 in LA!!!

    I found series 9 at a local KB here in Los Angeles. I think I'll wait and get them somewhere else for much cheaper.

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    I just made my weekly toy run yesterday to all my local stores and saw that the price on the Simpsons WOS has risen at every store except one. Target is the only place where I can still get a playset for $19.95. Everywhere else has them jacked up to $24.95. So I bought the only playset that one Target had which was the Police Station with Eddie. I'm starting to think that if the prices continue to rise for the same product and they continue this trend to just produce variations then I'm getting out of the WOS collecting.

    How can it be with a TV series that has produced 100+ unique characters that they have to run through so many again, again and again? 2 Willies? One with a shirt on and one without? Come on Playmates. Homer in my opinion is the only character that has great variations but even some of them are worthless.

    The celebrity series is the best addition to the line and I hope they expand it. I understand that it's difficult for Playmates to get through the legal mumbo jumbo to produce a celebrity figure but it's worth the wait.

    Stop producing a new wave every other month. I'd wait 3-4 months for a killer wave if that's what it took.
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    More celebrity figures would be great! I love the ones Playmates has made so far. I personally would like to see Leonard Nimoy made!
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