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    Anyone see some fireworks?

    I just got home from a great fireworks display at a local high school. I thought some resembled the Death Star explosion. There was also some yin-yang and heart shapes. Anyone else see some great fireworks?
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    not yet as it is still light outside
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    I saw them there fireworks. They were PER-TAY.

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    I couldn't see squat. The only fireworks were on post, 5 miles away.

    Oh well--nothing I haven't seen before.

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    I slept for 5 and a half hours....and I slept through all the fireworks in that time.
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    I just got done watching A Beautiful Mind, then went out on my porch with my girly and lit a few sparklers. It is just to damn hot in NJ to go anywhere more than 5 feet from air conditioning.

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    tell me about it jonna
    the heat has been horrible latley
    i have a new god...and his name is central air conditioning
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    I saw some both Wednesday night and last night. A friend of mine had a cookout last night and then we watched some from across the street. There is a big field over there and this guy he knows (who had been saving fireworks for over a year) lit them for us. It lasted over an hour. Even a couple of the local police officers stopped by and watched it. As I was sitting there with a couple of my friends, I happened to glance back and it looked like there were about 100 people there. It was truly amazing.
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    I didn't really see any fireworks since it's illegal to have any in Iowa.
    Pretty much the only legal ones are sparklers and those snap things that you throw at the ground and they create a spark.
    The only fun I had was with the snaps was throwing them at my brother.

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    They are illegal in OH too but I "found" several large bags of them and decided to dispose of them before some small child got their hands on them and injured themselves. It was great night for it.
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