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Thread: Pics of E2 AFs

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    Pics of E2 AFs

    I'm sure this is of no interest to anyone, but here are the images of the E2 AFs:

    Solar Sailer


    Naboo Fighter BD


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    The hasbro links didn't work, so I saved them and uploaded them to my server.


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    Wow, I like all three of those. It looks like Hasbro may be drawing me back into the collecting of Micro Machines/Action Fleet. I especially have to get the AT-TE and Dooku's Solar Sailer. I love both of those vehicles in the movie, especially the Solar Sailer.

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    thanks for those, S43.

    it's hard to get a feel for scale on the AT-TE, due to the unique stand, but I hope it is bigger than it looks to me.

    The Dooku sailer looka kinda small on its regular AF stand, too. But nice. Well, I guess maybe not too small, with that sail.
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    I dunno if this anything to be alarmed about, but I lightened up the picture of the Sailor and I couldn't see any indention in the stand for a place to put the figures if you wanted to display them loose...

    I love the AT-TE and the Sailor though, I can't wait to see the Gunship, unless it comes with no figures. We really need it come with the two pilots and then have a Clone Trooper Battle Pack.
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    they actually look die-cast scale......

    and it looks like micro machines is out of the figure business.
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    yeah, and why Dooku's SS can't have foldy-outy umbrella-type wings is beyond me. Look what they did with the TF DS from EP1......


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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    I seem to recall that the sail is diamond shape when fully extended - I am right?


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    The Solar Sailor is not exactly impressive but at least the AT-TE makes up for it.

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    Solar Sailer..

    check out this pic.. it looks VERY cool, I've only got one action fleet vehicle.. Shuttle Tyderium. I think I will be buying this one.
    I wish they would show the mini Dooku figure. Do you think this will come with the pilot droid?
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