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    Anakin Skywalker Tatooine Attack Carded Photos!!!!!!

    Wow, check out those photos.. I gotta say, I love this figure even more now after seeing carded photos... the lightsaber looks NICE!! So... let's discuss this figure, is it better or worse than you expected??

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    another photo..


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    The figure looks good, now as someone else said in another thread...lets hope this figure can stand properly.
    As always...........L

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    and another...

    and another...

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    and ANOTHER!!!!!

    and ANOTHER!

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    my comments...

    Now, I really like Anakin Hangar Duel.. ever since I saw the "trying to do my thing" documentary on I wanted an Anakin figure!!!!

    I think Anakin Peasant is ok, it's a good figure I really like Hangar Duel, it's a good sculpt but it's not a perfect figure.
    I don't like the left arm on it and I would have liked a metal blue saber.
    But this is my best figure of the saga line so far.. closely followed by Dooku, Kamino Jango, Yoda and Bespin Vader.

    Ever since I saw the picture of Anakin Tatooine attack on Amazon, I was desperately looking forward to this figure.
    I hoped it would have a cloak but I'm not too bothered that it doesn't because the cloak would have looked weird with that pose.
    I must confess that in the other pictures, I didn't notice the brown soft goods on his "skirt" but that doesn't bother me.
    I think we will get a cloaked Anakin at some point but hey, this is only the 3rd figure of Anakin in this outfit.

    I don't know what to make of the jedi power kick, I'm not a fan of the gimmicks because I don't play with my figures I just display them.

    All in all I am truly excited about this figure, it looks very good, it's an awesome sculpt, a nice lightsaber, a good pose for holding the lightsaber in 2 hands.
    I think that this could be the best Anakin figure yet but I will still love Hangar Duel.

    This figure could also be used against Dooku, I mean did you see Anakin's face when he says "no I'm taking him NOW!".

    Come on JarJarBinks... what do you think of this figure, Anakin is my fave character and I really like the look of this one.
    I've got all the other Episode II Anakins and as of now Hangar Duel is top but I think this figure could top it.

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    I'm excited cuz he looks like he might actually fit in his speeder.

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    I really like the figure. I'm not a huge fan of the slashing action on the arms, but I think the kicking action is kinda cool. Atleast it doesn't hinder arm movement. Now the big question is, can he still sit with the way the legs are. Because this Anakin looks like the most likely cantidate to fit in the Speeder.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Is that fabric between the plastic bits on his skirt? Hey, he might be able to sit in the speeder afterall.

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    Now I'm really anxious to see what Padme's action feature is.

    I'm not liking this one. Apart from the "Sure, I'll buy some Death Sticks" coin magnet in his hand, the gimmicks are poorly executed, and he doesn't look good except in the two handed position that we've already gotten used to.

    Ah well...maybe next year.
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