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    I hope this turns out to be a big concern over nothing, but the original packaging, and the EP1 packaging both had the name of the ship, then the words "featuring [pilot/character name]" but these just have the ship name, then "includes display stand."
    That does not bode well, in my opinion.
    If they dropped the pilots/figures, how long do think it will be before we see h2rcr, JediJones, DECEPTICON-ZERO, and all the other uber-scalpers auctioning loose figures for $10 - $60 apiece?
    Like I said, I sure hope I'm wrong!!!

    It makes it positively ironic that I've been keeping all my loose figures in a little baggie all these years...
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    And not only that, but that just means that people will lose interest in the line FAST. Especially the battle packs since they have the two speeders without drivers.
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    The only figures that I haven't seen anyone comment on is in the Endor Pack (pictured on one of the card backs in one of the links above) can see that the speeder bikes have the standard Endor/stormie and Luke as riders...other than that, does beg the question of whether or not this was an intentional move to see the AF line choke and die (picturing Motti & Ozzel after angering DV)

    sad really...

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    Thumbs down

    Shame on you hasbro!!!
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    I can't see figures in these. There's no mention of figures on the box. What in the wide world of sports is Hasbro thinking on this? I seriously want to know. They had to pay NOTHING to use these freakin' molds, so I don't see how it could be a cost issue. What's the point of releasing the AF Millennium Falcon that's deformed specifically to accept these little figures if they're not included?!?
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    As long as there are figures with the aotc sets i wont complain it me just be they are not releasing figures with the 3 re-hashes but they will with ep 2 stuff ,look on the bright side though they have put a few figs in the new battlepacks so its not as if they havent thrown the figures idea away

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    the one thing that does pique my interest is the ebay auction for all three

    unless i'm mistaken, the x-wing appears to have a yellow/orange stripe down the fusalage , yet all the other photos do not show this stripe.

    also the falcon appears to have lost it's missle firing mechanism, it seems to be plugged up with a piece o' plastic, thus making the freight loading area look a might bit unfinish

    and there definately are zero figures included with any of the ships
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    This is gonna really kill the line, methinks.

    They might sell a little as display pieces, but will probably bite it as toys and give low sales to the Episode II stuff.

    GSJ, at the con they showed a loose and boxed X-wing, the loose X-wing appears to be the prototype while the boxed version has the stripe down the top.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    OMG OMG its not attack of the clones its attack of the repeats!!! come on hasblow give us something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    taking the figures away and eliminating the firing missile could not have been to improve the safety hazard risk, because the new boxes have the exact same age rating as the original and EP1 AFs = ages 4+, and the EP2 battle packs have the same choking hazard warning for the rider figures.

    (added later) well, on thinking about it, maybe Hasbro could argue that removing the firing missile and cutting down on the number of tiny, loose figures improves the safety for the youngest consumers. But it still bites. And the 3-3/4" figs, which Hasbro seems to be hanging their hat on, StarWars-wise, certainly come with their share of tiny accessories and projectiles, so I guess I'm back to saying that safety is not a valid argument.

    what a waste of a post edit!!!!
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