Back in the UK for christmas, wandered into Birmingham as it has quite a well stocked Forbidden Planet and another good comic book/sci-fi store.

First, found the Red Dwarf Die-casts, 11.99 for the set that britcit got. They really are fantastic, detail is really top notch, still can't quite believe that I have a starbug in my hand right now, I loved this ship when I was a kid, and about 15 years later I can finally play with it! Really recommend.

Second, they had some Rommando Wave 1 boxes on display, so I took a gamble and bought 4. Did fairly well, got the green BOP, the Excellsior class, the Farragut light version and the species 8472 bioship.

BOP is great, bit smaller that the furuta but bigger than an MM, like that one a lot.

Farragut is nice too, bit flimsy, but nice detail, and is nicer that the furuta I think.

Excellsior class (USS Melborne?) is ok, too small, not a patch on the MM excellsior imho, and the cloaked version is utterly pointless.

Bio ship is rubbish.

There were more in the shop, but I didn't want to push my luck. Looking forward to the wave 2s which 'should' be waiting for me in france.

Carry on, hope all you mm'ers had a good christmas!