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    Jedi That Survived?

    Which Jedi survived the Battle of Geonosis?
    The only ones that i know for definate are:
    Mace Windu
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Anakin Skywalker

    I can't remember who else, can you help?
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    Before this gets moved to the Episode II forum, I put this here because I want to know who'll be back for Episode III. I've thought of another, Ki-Adi Mundi.
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    Plo Koon and Kit Fisto survive
    i think
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    Yeah, I think you're right, don't forget, some of them would have died when the second Gunship was destroyed, I know Luminara was in there, who else?
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    I heard Saesee, Luminara and Shaak were on the ship (you see them get on it in the movie as well as a humanoid character, I think. Also it is believed Eeth and Plo were on it, but no one can be sure until the next movie comes out or George gives some official information on who survives and who dies.
    It can't be certain that Jedi like Aayla, Kit and Ki-Adi survived either as they did start to fight in the bid battle of driods and clones, we have no clues if they survived that or not...

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    STiin that jedi like Aayla is Aayla!
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    I didn't mean it like that. I was giving examples of Jedi and the first of which was Aayla.

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    Oh, I get it now, you mean Jedi "such as" Aayla, gotcha!
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    is it me or after the battle there are less seats in the Council??

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    None of us will ever know untill Episode III, Who survived the battle of Geonosis. I can say this Luminara, Kit, Shak-Ti, Plo, Eeth, Ki-Adi Mundi, Saesee, Yoda, Mace, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Aayla all survive the arena battle. None of them get killed in a gunship like some have suggested. There was three to four gunships that land to rescue the remaining Jedi, in the next sequence you see eight gunships, then a couple of them land, next we see Mace's ship that has Yoda, Kit and Ki-Adi Mundi as well and also we see a gunship blow up in the background. There are no lightsabers on that ship and I can say this with confidence, cause I am watching a burned copy that a buddy lent me to review this. I also saw it at the theatre four times as well. Finally we see Aayla and Kit running on the battlefield and lot of other lightsabers in the background as well, so if all these Jedi died on the gunship, who are the guys on the battlefield ? We will however find out in Episode III who survived the entire battle.


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