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    Question vintage bubbles and price tag goo removal

    i was just sitting looking at my first 12 backs that my wife just bought me as a present and i just started to think about the glue that is used to hold the bubbles on.
    firstly, does anyone have any opinions of whether or not that one day after spending a lot of money on these figures, the bubbles will eventually come unstuck and fall off as i have already seen and read about.i am just curious as i intend to pass my collection on to my son when he is older(hes only three and already thinks hes a sith!)and would like him to see what the figures were like when i received them as a young lad.but i am worried that after spending all this money that this could happen.i know that there are hard cases available but i was thinking about the possbility of somebody perhaps making one with a bit on the inside that is used to press down on the glued edges of the bubble so that there was always pressure(not too much!)to hold it securely in place.i would not like this case to be glued together permenantly as i like to handle my figures now and again but just something taht keeps it secure when it is being displayed/stored.
    also can anybody let me know where i can get hold of the goo-gone stuff i,ve been advised to use for price tag goo on my figures.



    p.s.are flurescent bulbs bad for collections?as i am having my loft converted to store my collection but would like to know what lighting to use.

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    Re: vintage bubbles and price tag goo removal

    Originally posted by darthlee
    p.s.are flurescent bulbs bad for collections?as i am having my loft converted to store my collection but would like to know what lighting to use.
    I wouldn't have a flurescent light near or around any 12" backs myself I have my 12" Backs in my "dark room" so they dont fade,they are going well,nothing has happened to them,yet. Remember to have them in a "cool" spot
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    It may sound strange, but the best thing to use to remove the excess price tag adhesive is lighter fluid. Really. Just rub some of it on the left-over goo and rub gently and the card is clean with no damage to the finish of the card. The excess fluid evaporates so there is nothing to clean up. If you're still not sure then try it out on a less valuable figure or even on an opened card. It really does work.

    Just don't light it.

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    Has anyone else noticed how POTF bubbles seem predisposed to yellow worse than any other bubbles? I don't think I've even seen twelve backs yellow as bad as some of these! I seem to remember hearing that the plastic used for POTF bubbles was different than the other lines, which explains the yellowing. Especially the four Australian exclusives (Gamorrean Guard, AT-AT Driver, Nikto and Anakin) but that could just be due to Australia's climate.

    It makes the POTF carded figures something of an eyesore sitting there in urine-soaked bubbles. All the more reason to collect loose figures.

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    WD-40 wors well on removing the stickers.
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