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    Question Mini-rigs Qs

    An often overlooked part of the vintage toys are the mini-rigs. What do you like or not about them? Do you collect them? Complete set or not?
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    The local comic shop has a buch of them for $15 each. Is this a good price? I've never really thought about picking them up but they looked pretty cool when I was little for being "Just off screen" toys. The one I'd be interesting in getting (or them rereleasing) is the feuling station.

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    I love the Minirigs! Did as a kid, still as an adult. If the condition's decent, $15 for a MR is pretty good. I have none of the POTF ones (some kind of personal skiff, flying cannon, and one other), and am missing the Desert Sail Skiff, but got all the rest of 'em.
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    Hmmm...i think the one u are talking about is the Endor Forest Ranger.
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    Arrow Ooh! A list! Yippee!

    Here's the list of all the Minirigs:

    PDT-8 [Personal Deployment Transport]
    CAP-2 [Captivator]
    INT-4 [Interceptor]
    MLC-3 [Moble Laser cannon]
    MTV-7 (related to MTV2? ) [Multi-Terrain Vehicle]
    AST-5 [Armored Sentinel Vehicle]
    ISP-6 [Imperial Shuttle Pod]
    *Desert Sail Skiff
    Endor Forest Ranger
    *Sand Skimmer
    *Imperial Sniper
    *Security Scout

    * = I don't have these ones.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Small vehicles/accesories that are often mistaken for mini-rigs:

    Tripod Laser Cannon
    Vehicle Maintenance Energizer
    Radar Laser Cannon
    Speeder Bike
    Ewok Combat Glider
    Ewok Catapult
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    hehehe I have the Desert Sail Skiff,its loose but aint for sale I' evil ain't I?
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    Exclamation Body-rigs!

    I was just checking the SSG picture archives and found that the last three which were issued in the POTF line were called Body-rigs!

    For those who don't remember what these three looked like, I've taken pics of them from way back and have them posted in my site as part of the Vintage Vehicles.

    As you can see, these were taken early on when I just got my digital videocam. I'll try to get better pics once I get the chance and have them reposted on my site. Now that I think more about it, I'll do a diorama with them as the main focus!
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    I was never a big fan of these, but i did buy and still have the ones I liked:

    Desert Sail Skiff
    Sand Skimmer
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