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    Unhappy Not even Lott Dod?

    I'm sure we are all disappointed about what was shown for different reasons, but as a huge neimoidian fan, I was distressed at the absence of Lott Dod. Is he still coming out? Could he be shown on day 2? Any info appreciated!


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    Yes, he's still coming out in August/September. I was a bit disapointed as well, I was hopefull that we would have seen more. But I was starting to expect that they wouldn't show all the new stuff. There is 2 more shows that they are going to, and they likely wanted to hold some things back for those later shows. There is a Q&A with Hasbro tonight, so that should be intresting, I hope.

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    Does anyone know if people can ask about specific figures or characters in the Q & A? I'm not there, but was just curious how specific Hasbro is willing to get- if anyone is there, please ask about Nute Gunray and Wat Tambor!

    Have a nice day!


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    I was pretty sure they wouldn't show Lott, considering that he was first slated for release in 8/99. Not their finest work, either, more a remnant of the nightmare called "Episode 1".

    I guess the history of the figure is more exciting that the figure itself.
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    we havn't even seen a painted version yet, usually we get pictures of the figures a few months in advanced.

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    Hasbro doesn't really show the figs months in advance anymore...


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