Hi, I'm looking for a Luke Jedi on a green card. I would like the card to be c9 or better and not have the foil sticker over the picture. Here is what I have:

Loose 12in Han endor
Loose 12in Luke Jedi
Green Card Boba Fett MOMC
Green Card Vader MOMC
EP1 Obi Wan Soft Goods MOMC
EP1 Maul Tat. MOMC
FF Luke Stormtrooper c7
Loose Action Fleet Xwing
Loose Epic Force Boba Fett
Loose EP1 Theed Generator
Loose POTJ Han Bespin
3 Loose POTF2 Royal Guards
2 Loose POTJ Senate Guards
Loose Maul from Tat. showdown
Loose POTJ Sandtrooper w/articulated wrist