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    Collection 2 Wave 5 fig case question!

    What does the R1 and the R2 on the case stand for... My Wal-Mart had about 10 cases in and half were R1 and the other R2. I was going to ask the stocker to open it but then told him not to worry about it.. Does anyone know??

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    Ratio 1 and Ratio 2.

    Its to seaperate the different pack quantities. Like, there was a ratio case on the 4/23 release, one case has 4 OPD Ankikins and and the other only had 2. That's all it means.

    What you really want to pay attention to is the Asst #. They are always different. even if it is the same figs in the case with different qty's, the Asst # is always different. So instead of looking for Coll 2 Wave 4 Ratio 2, you can look for 84867431B, (BTW, this is not a real case #).

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