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    Who's got a full colection?

    I have, I completed it in March with Teebo, who else completed there Power Of The Jedi collection, and if not who do you need?
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    Thanks to some on-line help from VT I was able to complete my POTJ collection.

    Looks pretty nice, I've got Collection 1 hanging wave by wave on one wall and then the wall right next to it I have Collection 2 hanging wave by wave. :happy:
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    The only one I don't have is R2-D2. That one was one of the first to come out.
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    well I don't have many figs of the POTJ line and am not a completist, but I do have that R2-D2, jayspawn
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    I got all of mine almost as soon as they came out, the same is happening with saga now, best keep on top!
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    I got a complete set too.

    Had a bit of trouble getting the 'clean' Biker Scout, but finally managed to get one off Ebay. I was a seriously happy chappy. Never seen one since...anywhere.

    Now got all the current SAGA figs too, as well as E1, POTF2 & vintage.
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    I never did see the Clean Bike Scout. <sigh> Other than that, I got all of the figures I wanted from this line. I only buy Classic Trilogy figures. Well, I did buy Tusken Raider and the Naboo R2, but they are basically CT anyway.

    I had to order Boshek, Teebo, and R4 online.
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    I have everything but the Clean Biker Scout!

    I'm sure I'll come across one someday!
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    I'm missing all but three. My POTJ collection consists of an even 130 figures including all variations. Believe it or not, every single one is unique. Go here to see the three I'm missing:

    If anybody would like to see my full list of figures...I'll post it, but it would be long!

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    I am only missing the Chewie Dejarik figure and that is it. I have a Dirty Scout and that is fine enough for me. I have little interest in hunting down a Clean version. I hope to find that Chewie at a couple of flea markets I'll attend this summer. Once I get him I can finally say that I have a whole entire collection of figures.
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