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    Lightbulb Is the a HUGE variation or a HUGE stuffup?

    Hey everyone.
    Just got back from K-mart and let me tell you whatg happened. Its my uncles 40th birthday on Wednesday as me and my mum went to get a card. I took off and went to the Episode 2 section. I saw a Jar Jar gungan senetor and picked him up because I dont have him. So soon enough mum finds a card that she likes then we leave.
    When I arrive home Iam about to put my Jar Jar gungan senator with the rest of my Episode 2 figures then something shocks me! It say "The Phantom Menace" just above his name. I think what the hell is going on? Shouldnt it say "Attack of the Clones"
    Is this a HUGE variation or just a small stuf up?

    Mod Note: I corrected the "birthday". Keep it clean guys
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    I'd say it's a stuff up, I hope you've kept it in it's box, I've just looked at mine and it says Attack Of The Clones.
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    Yes. All my figures are in their box. How should I post a pic of it?

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    Yes, definatly post a picture of it!
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    Jek Porky 2008

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    Ok, lets see what Jar Jar has to say.
    I could get millions for it on ebay.

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    Definately sounds like a HUGE stuff-up to me.

    I would personally sell it and get a proper version of it.

    You could name your price on that one, variation hunters will be killing each other to get that one.

    Sell It....NOW...
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    At ebay..I will post a pic.

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    Its my uncles 40th birthday on Wednesday
    Happy Birthday ! ! !

    Geonosian, I'm not familiar with this variation either. Perhaps Thrawn has knowledge of it? He would be a good person to ask. Congrats on your variant.

    Mod Note: Once again I fixed the "birthday"
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    Thanks. I could get millions. J/K!

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    Or you could do it the Real collector way and return it and just replace it with a regular one.

    Very interesting error...
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