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Thread: Podracing?

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    The Official Site says there will be podracing in E2. There wasn't in any of the scripts/scriptments I've read. ??????????

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    Podracing In Aotc!

    The official site just announced that there will be Poracing in AOTC! I haven't heard anything about this before but it's straight from the horse's mouth. It has to be when Anakin and Padme go back to Tatooine. Maybe Watto tells them that the Lars' are in town to see a Pod Race, and they go to the Arena to meet them or something only to find out that Scmi decided to stay home and go picking Hubba Gourds (those aweful races). I don't think it will show much though. I just hope Jabba makes an appearance. He's probably my 2nd favorite characyter after Vader. (they don't even have an decent action figure of him yet after 7 years) Anyways, this could be the perfect opportunity for Anakin to do something to **** off Jabba enuf for him to have a hate-on for the Jedi by ROTJ. I hope so anyways.
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    If podracing is shown, I highly doubt it will be the 13 minute screentime hog that we saw in Ep1. Maybe it will just be mentioned and, at most, glimpsed in the background.
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    The scripts/scriptments are either false or aren't telling every little detail.

    I'm thinking that podracing will either be in the background or Anakin may attend a podrace while he's on Tatooine.

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    Maybe... Just maybe...

    Anakin stops by the races when he is on Tatooine so he can kick Sebulba's bony little butt!
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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    Anakin stops by the races when he is on Tatooine so he can kick Sebulba's bony little butt!
    That would be AWESOME...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I dont think it is going to be a major scene again. I think he may go to one while on Tatooine, but that's about it.
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    Well, they have said Sebulba will be in it, so maybe he goes to the race to kick Sebulba's ***. That might be cool.

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    Maybe Sebulba is the first recipient of Vader's infamous choking action.
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    I'm sure this is just a cut/establishing scene. Just as Naboo established on the Theed Palace, and Coruscant established on lots of ships and buildings, Tatooine will probably be established to the audience by a few pods racing in the desert as Anakin and Padme approach Mos Espa...
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