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    There was indeed a pit droids cinema scene 3 pack scheduled, which BTW never saw the day of light, maybe thats why we got the pit droid two pack.

    Anyway...i would love to see the return of this line...we can have Jabba's palace aliens, Cantina Aliens, Jedi Council, Imperial dignitaries..etc... the EU sounds cool also!!
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    Well, if I remember correctly from the Hasbro Q&A sessions this summer, they said that the cinema scene line wasn't really cost-effective. The packaging, as well as the plastic bases, drove the cost way up. But I would definitely love to see them return.

    And I agree about the army thing too. Bring on some Ewoks, Aliens, Henchmen, Wookies climbing trees - who knows what lies in store for the next one? Maybe we'll get a cinema scene of some clones attacking or something. Oops, I hope that wasn't a spoiler.

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    Cool Bring 'em on!

    Yes to Cinema Scenes!

    A leisurely walk through the Old Forums will show some really good ideas for the 3 packs. (We've had some good ideas on the New Forums, too.....)
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    Like many of you, I'd like to see the cinema scenes return. I think the classic scenes that are being released next month may be the start of that.

    Also like many of you, I'd like to see them moderately priced. I remember picking up the Death Star Escape CS for $15 or less. The prices continually increased to $20. I think $10 - $12 is a reasonable price.

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    I think they shouls make a lost scene 3-pack of Biggs, Camie, and Fixer.

    Also I'd like to see a three pack of Qui-Gon, Anakin, and Shmi where anakin is saying goodbye.

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    Good ideas, Jedi Master. Here are a couple of other ideas:

    * Rebel leaders -- Generals Dodonna, Rieken, and Madine. Not from the same movie but still cool. Or one of Mon Mothma, Akbar and Madine from the ROJ briefing.

    * Luke, Yoda and ghost Obi Wan from Dagobah.

    * Rebel or snowtroopers on Hoth. Each figure would be just a little different but great army builders.

    * Emperor and resculpt Royal Guards. I'm imagining the scene where the Emperor is walking down the shuttle ramp.

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    How about a 3-pack of major Episode I mistakes:

    A Midichlorian, Jar Jar Binks, and Qui-Gon Jinn.

    The back of the packaging could explain why each of them was a problem, both for continuity in the series and/or just plain annoying and unnecessary.

    I'm not quite sure what their backdrop would be, but I'm leaning toward a photo of GL sitting at his typewriter with a thought bubble which envelops the trio.

    I might whip this one up myself, if I could figure out how what a Midichlorian looks like.

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    Hee hee hee! Good one Stillakid.

    I dunno....I think Luke w/moisture vaporator, and a large Tredmill droid could pass off as a 3-pack if not a deluxe set. Granted the vaporator isn't a character...or is it? Luke could talk to it...he could! Better conversationalist than that danged tredmill droid.

    Luke: "sooo...hows it going?"

    TD: "Beeep beep beep bep"

    Luke: "You don't say?"
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    How about a final Jedi dual cinema scene, maybe even as darth maul has the final blow on Qui-gon Jinn.

    Or a scene on the death star as Vader and his two wingmen head for their ships for the trench battle.

    A Shadows of the empire scene would be pretty cool.

    And a battle of Hoth scene or a probe droid scene.

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    Cinema Scenes are the greatest!!

    I absolutely agree that cinema scenes should come back. The only reason they died out is that Hasbro insisted on creating nothing but TATOOINE related scenes. Why make 3-packs from the most boring planet in the starwars galaxy??

    I think a great one would be , as somebody (forget who) said before a JEDI COUNCIL scene with a few members that have yet to be made. That would be GREAT!

    Another idea is something from the Theed Palace. The thing about cinema scenes is that its a great opportunity to throw in three new figs that haven't been made into ONE set. So I'm thinking a Holograph Palpatine with the Queen in her chair and one more member from the theed elite people who were situated in the throne room at the very beginning of the movie.

    a few more quickies are: Boss Nass and the High Priests, Couruscant Senate with a 3-pack of either the Wookies or the ET lookin' guys. Or a 3-pack works with the chancellor, Mas amedda and the other lady in the center, but they've made 2 out of 3 of those already. many possibilities in the STARWARS UNIVERSE!! Why restrict it to the planet that even Luke thinks sucks. Well, I can't wait for a Couruscant or Theed scene personally. Those planets have so much color and excitment that it's hard to believe that they haven't made up something for them yet. Well, just my $0.02!


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