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    Lightbulb Balance of the Force Cinema Scene 3-Pack

    How about a Balance of the Force Cinema Scene? It would include Emperor's Wrath Luke Skywalker (his body, arms, and legs except for his painted real hand would be made of transparent black plastic like Vader and he would have painted on and/or snap on lightning bolts similar too the Boomer damage Battle Droid, plus his head would have a tortured expression and be made out of transparent dark blue plastic and painted with the exception of his teeth and maybe a sliver in back to reenact the lightning effects on his teeth), Force Lightning Emperor Palpatine (same as the Flashback version with snap on lightning, except he would have a surprised expression), and Emperorís Wrath Darth Vader (same as the POTJ version, except his hand will be severed in the package, he would have some gears exposed like his skull, an he will be posed like he is picking up the Emperor).

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    I just received Admiral Motti today. To say the least, I was disappointed. He looks more like "The Thinker" than having his life strangled out of him. Some knees for him to sit down would have been nice too. I digress ...

    Point being, a cinema scene of the Imperial officers from the Death Star at the conference table would be great. Sitting at the table in their respective chairs, discussing such trivial pursuits as the destruction of the Rebellion. That would be worth $20+, instead of three small Pit Droids.

    Thinking of small ... why not Ewoks? Instead of just three, create six of the little critters to fight the hordes of Dirty Scout Troopers.

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    I think that the cinema scenes were great. I would love to see them come back in full force. I want ultimate cinema scenes though. I want:

    Jabba's Palaca w/ Jabba, base, the whole deal with Yarna D'al Gargan
    Trash Compactor scene w/ Dianoga, trash, Han, Leia, Chewy
    (we alrady got Luke in the board game)
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