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    Do you want cinema scenes back and which do you want?

    Didn't really buy any Episode I cinema scenes but bought all the previous ones... do you want return of POTJ cinema scenes? Loads of potential I think for armies and new releases, and also what backgrounds and other extras i.e. Mynocks....????

    I think I would like to see Vader holding Leia with Moff Tarkin watching a watery Alderaan about to be destroyed, which would be cool!!!!
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    Well. Yes! The Cinema Scene 3-packs were really neat. Plus we got several first-time figures with them. I think it would be cool to see new 3-packs, maybe Hasbro could finally release that Pit Droid set we got gipped on during the Ep. I glut.

    What extras? Droids, and some more little critters would be neat.

    OOH! Maybe a Mos Eisly civilians 3-pack with scurriers? Now that'd be neat!
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    I'd like to see a Cinema Scene with Jedi Council members! They could do 2-3 of those alone! With Council chairs and articulated knees!

    I love the Cinema Scenes. I have all of them including the EP1 stuff!

    The trouble with these is distribution and package proportions!!! Hasbro should do 2 at a time and pack them evenly, say 4 of each!

    I remember when the Rebel Pilots first came out, some people were paying $20.00+ for them. A year later KB was unloading them for $9.99!!!

    BTW a CS with Vader choking CPT Antilles and a Stormtrooper watching would be GREAT!
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    I like the Cinema 3-Packs, but I don't like having to pay $21.99 or what not (I'm cheap). Thats why I bought my Rebel Pilots and Ghost Jedis for $9.99 (thank you KB). When I have the cash I'm gonna get the Skiff Guards (yes there $9.99 at KB.
    I would really like to see some cool droid 3-packs. Maybe some random denizens from Jabbas Palace. Any droids and aliens would be really cool in my book.
    Oh yeah, one question. Does anyone know if they released a 3 and 3/4 inch Pit Droid two-pack? I coulda sworn they did. I really want one if they did or didn't. Ok.

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    The Pit Droid 2-pk was released in the Episode 1 line.

    The problem is that they are HTF. They came out with the last wave of EP1 figures; Sio Bibble, Amidala w/ascension gun, Holograpghic Darth Sidious, etc.

    The European release seems to be a bit easier to find, but still cost a bit much.

    Hope this helps.
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    I's like to see some EU 3-packs. Maybe from Dark Forces 2:Jedi Knight.

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    Leia being fitted for her slave costume scene, including R2-Blackstone the amazing "happy" (the other word got censored) wonder designer, and a peeping tom alien peering through the curtains!

    What about a "Behind-the-Cinema-Scenes" which includes crew members and equipment shooting our favorite sequences:

    When Jar Jar tells Qui Gon about the underwater city, they could include an Ahmad Best figure that is wearing the Jar Jar costume! Cool, huh!
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    What about an "alternate universe" SW cinema scene? There could be one where Qui-Gon doesn't save Jar Jar from the MTT and he's smashed into the ground with an amused Obi-Wan looking on.

    Or what about one where Luke goes back to the Lars' homestead a little too early and gets fried? You could have three smoldering skeletons outside the house.

    Another cool option would be "George Lucas flunks out of USC film school." It could have him flipping burgers at McD's with Mark Hamill filling up a coke and Carrie Fisher taking someone's order.

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    Originally posted by Mandalorian Candidat

    Do I hear "Would you like fries with that"?

    Is that on the Commtech chip?

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    Enough of this silliness. Cinema Scenes were the start of a good idea, but never fully developed. If the "backgrounds" were all meant to be interconnected to create either one large display or one bigger playset then great. But they weren't so their value (beyond just collecting everything that gets made) is diminished especially since most of the figures are/were available as carded versions anyhow.

    I'll sneak an insidious plug once again in here for Bucket O's. A much better method for distributing large amounts of army builders and those secondary characters that Hasbro believes won't sell in Peoria, so to speak. (IE Bucket O' Stormtroopers, Bucket O' Cantina Aliens, etc)


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