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    Question Was anyone spoiler free when seeing yoda duel?

    I was when i saw yoda duel and it made it a lot more suprising,exciting, and awsome, were you spoiler free when you saw yoda fight.
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    Nope, I heard about it from people who went to C2 and they were explaining how it went and stuff.
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    Never seen it , but like LtBasker, said I heard about it through the grapevine sorta speak. When I seen it though, it blew my mind, so I had to see it again. 3 mores times to be exact.

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    I wasn't, so it seemed a little disappointing.

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    I watched fottage of it before I saw it, but it was still frickin' funny.

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    no i wasn't spoiler free but it still surpassed my expectations!
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    I had the figure by then so I knew. I like it still, it owuld have been better if he didn't make so many noises...
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    i read the book and saw the comic and still it passed my expectations, it was great
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    not at all... for one some friend came to my place with a cd he had burnt full of mpegs that included the whole duel sequence...

    and also we had discussed this "Yoda with a lightsaber" scene back in 2000-2001 along with the scripts that unlike some people initially thought, turned out to be the real thing.

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    Spoiler Free for Me
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