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Thread: New Wave!?

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    New Wave!?

    When can we start expecting to see Mundi and whoever else is in his wave? I have everything up to Wave 4(COL 1) and Wave 5 ( Col 2)....

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    We'll start seeing them from now on-wards.
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    yeah i cant wait till get the new wave
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    That's for me to know...and for you to find out.
    I want that Anakin.
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    i want them all! this could very well be the best wave so far! including deluxes!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    New stuff already? Man, the stores near me just got the Bespin figures a few weeks ago.
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    Heh yeah... I still haven't seen Obi, Djas, or Palpatine around here yet.

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    It'll be about a year before I see them.

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    Yeah, I still haven't found Palp or Puhr yet, but I'm still trying!
    Padme wants some Jedi Juice!

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    About every Wal Mart here in Redlands CA has Obi Wans and Chewies clogging the pegs... We have one store that has a bumch of the Palp wave... We got the Chewie wave in about a month ago


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