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    Saga Cinema Scenes??

    I was wondering if anyone at the the toy fair in Chicago happened to ask Hasbro if there are any plans for more Cinema Scenes??

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    I dont think that Hasbro will be making any more Cinema Scenes 3-packs but, they are doing things like the cantina and nightclub scenes!
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    I didn't know they were making Nightclub scenes!!!

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    What would they be like?? A Cinema Scene with more than 3 figures?

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    The nightclub packs if they still happen, are supposed to be 2 sets of 2 figures. They were supposed to be exclusive to Wal-Mart this year, but so far no more news about them. No news on what 4 charecters from the Nightclub would be included either, but there is about 4 really likely charecters in that scene.

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    I wish they would just bring back the Cinema Scene line. It's what got me into collecting in the first place back in 1995.

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    I too want to see the return of the Cinema Scenes line. I first started off as a Micro Machine/Action Fleet collector. I skipped the POTF2 line when it first premiered. It wasn't until 1999 when I first bought an Action Figure from Kenner/Hasbro and it was a Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene. Not the best of the bunch but it certainly left me wanting more.
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    Here's one Cinema Scene idea I had that I posted awhile back in the Dear Hasbro section:

    Originally posted by LTBasker
    This would be the PERFECT Cinema Scene:
    Coruscant Ground Chase.

    It would have another Anakin, Obi-Wan and Zam but the figures would be articulated enough to be able make a good cinema scene and they'd also have the required articulated to be able to fit themselves PERFECTLY into the speeders AND hold the steering controls! Considering throughout the whole air chase that all 3 of them pilot at one point, this would be very good. It would also most likely increase sales of the speeders.

    Another cool thing you could do with the Cinema scene is make it kind of like a playset also, the main background piece would be the big enterance to the nightclub which would come with another background piece to go behind the enterence cut-out that would look like the inside so thered be a place for Zam to really go into.

    This would be the articulation needed for the figures:
    Anakin & Obi:
    Neck, Waist, Legs, Knees, Arms (no v-angling), 2 different articulation points for the elbow, the normal articulation and swivel joints, and swivel joints in the wrists.
    Neck, Legs, Knees, Ankles (or at her boots, like the Bounty Hunter Zam), Ball joints for her arm (like the Bounty Hunter Zam's left arm), and Elbows (regular non-swivel).

    Anakin and Obi would need cloth tunics and Zam would need a cloth "cape" instead of them being made of plastic.

    This wouldn't be a very hard thing to do, Hasbro, and even though they're resculpts, they're very very useful resculpts that collectors and kids would like considering they would be pretty poseable and no more having to fight a figure to get it into one of the speeders.

    No gimmicks either please! That would just limit the figures.
    Really wish something like that would be made, it'd be a good pack IMO even if you didn't have the speeders.
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    I wish they would bring back the Cinima scenes. I really like them, and it's a way to get a figure that might not be made otherwise- like uncle Owen, Han Trooper(other than mail-away), B-wing Pilot, or even the huge guy in Wattos Box (Ktozol or something crazy like that). They could do a Jedi Arena scene with some more Jedi's, a Lar's Household scene, or many others. I generally don't like ones that have all re-do's of previous figures (sorry LT). I wish they would bring them back, and at a fair price.

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    I'd love a Jedi Arena scene myself. Only with three Jsi figures and no horrific Battle Droids mucking it up.

    LTB - the problem with all the previous Cinema Scenes is that they never had great articulation. All standard. It really hurt a several of them IMO because they were already posed in odd stances.
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