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Thread: Rubber bands

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    Rubber bands

    Do you keep the small and clear rubberbands on the figures that have them? I do and I highly recommened that you do because some of them can't hold their accesories without the rubberband...
    I took off Clonetrooper (Preview) and Luminara but I wish I didnt. But one thing you MUST keep a rubberband on is the BattleDroid's heads! They come off so easily without them!

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    I have quite a collection of those clear little rubber bands.

    I use them mostly for securing weapons in a figure's hands. I've had far too many experiences with little blasters popping out of a figure's hands.. then spending the rest of the day looking for them.

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    Unless I know the figure will hold it with no problem, I don't take the rubber bands off, or if I have another loose one that is expendable then I will take the rubber band off. I haven't taken the rubber bands off alot of figures, I'm glad they're clear.
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    I don't save them. I did in the beginning, but my desire to keep the accessories all together in small container to avoid loss overcame the keeping of the elastics. I do have some regrets, especially the 25th anniversary Han and Leia who don't want to hold their blasters anymore. Most of the other figures' hands have adjusted with the elastics off, and have tightened up enough to hold the accessories. They would be great to keep if you were a fan of doing diorama work.

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    if it looks like the figure will hold the accessory without the rubber bands, then i prefer to take it off. though sometimes i can be quite wrong...royal guard, for instance. but it usually isn't that difficult to tie back the rubber bands. of course, finding them on my carpet is another challenge altogether.

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    I've learn my lesson in the past and try to keep a couple extra laying around for those couple pesky figures. The worst one for me was trying to get my 12" figures to stay on their respective Speederbikes. Thank goodness for those clear rubber bands.
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    The OOM-9 Battle Droid is a must when it comes to using those rubber bands. That droid can't hold it's binoculars for dear life witho 'em.
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    Yeap I do... but only to use them with figures that can't hold their accesories, like my Flashback Ben Kenobi.

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    i just leave them on myself. unless i really want to move things around.
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    Taking the bands off some figures really makes me wish i hadn't like the Sandtrooper with he binoculors
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