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    Why shouldn't stands be included you ask?
    Well first off I don't want to pay an extra $1. when Hasbro says we had to raise the price to cover the increased cost of including the stand.

    Second, I feel the stands should be the choice of the collector. If Hasbro made them they'd probably not standardize them and would have different ones for different figures bringing more chaos to displays. It would be nice if Hasbro made bundle pack sets of stands available and perhaps in clear and various environments like forest, snow, grassy and desert color if enough interest was there for other colors.

    Anyone in deperate need of stands can already order them through anyway.

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    Just my point: Should they?

    What I think?:
    NO, they will charge you $ 1 for let's get sticked to new cool accesories and pack-ins instead of new stands, you can always find some action stands or something anywhere else
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    Episode 1 figures came with commtechs and those are sorta like stands, and i'am starting to run outta stands!

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    Anyone voting know must be part of the Dark Side. The cost would be SO minimal. I know for a FACT that stands only cost 1 to 2 cents a piece so factor in the middlemen and the price should only go up a quarter. That's right 25 lousy cents. That's still cheaper than the "action stands", anywhere you can find them.

    I for one am for the stands with the figs. As long as they don't up the price buy more than 25 cents.

    The commtechs stands were a rip-off IMO. The sound quality stunk to high heaven and the stands themselves were clunky.

    Just give us a plain, circular, clear or black stand and you will make MOST of us happy. This is where Hasbro SHOULD be. Making customers happy keeps them coming back for more.

    This little hunk of plastic would enhance the larger hunk of plastic by many-fold.

    Thank you and you may now resume voting and posting (j/k )
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    Let me make this more clear. Keep packing the other accessories but also include the stand. It cannot possibly hamper the packaging and does not detract from the other accessories.
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    Do away with the cheesy "Force" and "Blaster" Effects and give me a stand. Standard stands for all the figures would cost hasbro close to nothing.

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    I like the commtech stands myself they fit well for a figures.

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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    I say yes, include the stands. They are much better choice of extra than a Force File or a lame commtech chip.
    RogueII hit the nail on the coffin for me, that's exactly how I feel about this topic.

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    yes, include them and no, do not raise the price. I am sure the cost of such a thing would be minimal, like 1 cent...

    The GI Joe reissues from hasbro come with 2 stands, 2 figures, and accessories for $7.

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    OH YES!!!!!!!
    I would have no problem paying up to a buck more for my figures if they all came with an action stand. And please, put holes on the bottom of all the figures' feet!


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