View Poll Results: Do you want Hasbro to include stands with your action figures?

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    Yeah sure go ahead in put them in. Hasbro having been doing it for years will their GI Joe.

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    Sure as long as they don't raise the price.

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    Well, I know that stands weren't a bad thing when the SW micro machines were around. As long as Hasbro didn't take out accessories to save cost and make room for the stands, I say why not!?

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    Personally, I don't really care for the accessories and anything else that is packaged inside the bubble with a figure. I think a stand to display the figure is beyond necessary.
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    Thumbs up Make the stands!!

    Of course they need to include these! Does anyone make them now???
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    As long as Hasbro doesn't start skimping on other accessories for the stands, I'm for stands!!!

    The commtech chips work when you're in a bind or have run out of other stands.

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    For figures like Watto, and others who need additional support, then yes. But not with every figure. 80% of them stand on their own, and the stands should really be built around the figure itself (like a stand that attaches to Jango's backpack for a flying look)
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    I can make a stand............keep the price lower!!!!

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    This is a most interesting vote as the answer should be yes for everyone(although I see some nos). Some of the figures have the most terrible time standing up(The worst one for me is Bib Fortuna which loves to fall and take many of his neighbors with him). The only problem is Hasbro would probably raise the price if they included stands with them(we seem to never win do we

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    yes, include them and no, do not raise the price. I am sure the cost of such a thing would be minimal, like 1 cent...

    The GI Joe reissues from hasbro come with 2 stands, 2 figures, and accessories for $7.


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