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    I voted NO because it just gives Hasbro a reason to raise the price again.

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    definately, If hasbro is gonna to make this figures have these action poses then the figure should come with stand.
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    YES. I've probaly spent over an extra $90 on the action stands from the fan club. Before I always had a hard time getting them to stand up. And for those really hard figures to stand up, if you walked by them they would fall down. And for the Geonosian Warriors, I would by a whole army of them if they had peg holes in their feet but I only bought a few because they always fall down.
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    Originally posted by Lord Tenebrous
    For figures like Watto, and others who need additional support, then yes. But not with every figure. 80% of them stand on their own, and the stands should really be built around the figure itself (like a stand that attaches to Jango's backpack for a flying look)
    Watto (AOTC) will come with a flying stand, that's his only accessory.

    I voted "no" simply because I think it'd be used as an excuse to raise the price a buck. The FF, CTC, JFF, all the pack-ins were extremely cheap to make, they didn't raise the price, they were added because the price was raised to make the price-hike seem like the buyer was getting more for his money. Also, with stands, I think Hasbro will become even more dependent on preposing and figures that can't stand on their own.

    I would buy a big playset-like display stand similar to an Ultarama (which I already have 2 of) if Hasbro wanted to go that route, but as pack-ins, I just don't have enough faith in Hasbro to get it right without raising the price.
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    Well I would say yes because of the new way they are being produced. They dont stand anymore.

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    Re: NO,NO,NO!

    Originally posted by tk006
    Why shouldn't stands be included you ask?

    If Hasbro made them they'd probably not standardize them and would have different ones for different figures bringing more chaos to displays. It would be nice if Hasbro made bundle pack sets of stands available and perhaps in clear and various environments like forest, snow, grassy and desert color if enough interest was there for other colors.

    Wouldn't different stands for different figures be great?! Part of the problem now is that stands are often too wide, needing to accomodate the biggest figures. It sucks when you have a battle droid with narrow feet, requiring a big circle stand. Personally, I think custom-sized stands would be a great improvement!

    Hmmm...hadn't thought of the price issue. Of course, it shouldn't increase the costs of figures, so it's just a question of whether Hasbro felt like ripping people off.

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    Lose the gimmicks, add the stands.
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    Doesn't anybody ever put 2 figures on one circle stand? Especially for scenes or situations where figures are standing in rows.

    Like any Master and Apprentice situation: Qui-Gon's left foot is on the one peg, Obi-Wan's right foot in on the other.

    This could almost work for battle droid columns, but then there will be pairs within the formation as in : II II II II II versus I I I I I I I I

    But I know it doesn't work for all figures, as large ones hog the stands. Most dueling figures, except for hand-to-hand combat scenes (or kissing scenes ) need to be on 2 stands to get them a decent fighting distance apart.

    But it does work sometimes.
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    I know the new Watto has a stand, JT. That's the kind of support the original Watto needed, although the CT chip helped a little.

    And I really doubt Hasbro would have an argument to raise prices for stands. Bespin Luke has several accessories, and the weathervane is a deluxe stand, from a certain point of view.

    Hasbro could modify that suction cup with a foot peg in the middle, and that would be a passable stand. Push it down on your desk, and you have a strong, flat support piece... theory.
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    Collectors need stands, not blast effects. Come on Hasbro, THINK!


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