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    Thumbs up Cheap stands

    USE Ebay!! User sells stands dirt cheap at wholesale. .25 cents each buy as many as you want, uses paypal. Dont even have to go through an auction, just email him.

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    I like the blast effects. They look sharp in dioramas and add to the excitement of the aesthetics of many a figure.

    There does not need to be a trade-off with including stands VERSUS blast effects (or holograms, accessories, etc.)

    Look at Palpatine. He came with nothing.

    Look at the price of those E-bay stands $.25 each. I don't think we have to worry about cost increases to include stands.

    At mass production, blast effects and stands don't cost Hasbro anything.
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    I would love to finally get some pack-in stands for my stuff. So many figures have problems standing still as it is let alone sitting on a shelf or desk that gets nudged. I would love it even more to bring the CT chips back (IMO the best pack-ins to date).

    All this would rest upon any decision to change the price. A quarter, sure. More than that, no way. They're not expensive to make but Hasbro would find a way to justify their inclusion for a good price hike.
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    I have to personally lean toward no.

    Its one more thing for me to misplace or loose, and like Tycho was saying, trying to get them close, duel, what have you...stands just get in the way, and when you display them, they take up way too much space.

    If the cost goes up, not worth it, and odds are, some scalper or nut job will start to say that one stand is differnt from another and we'll open another bag of worms with another crazy "variation". I can see the Ebay discription now..."Errored stand. Is a whole 1/32" smaller than standard stand. VERY RARE."

    These toys are currently designed for the kids, like that article at Rebelscum was stating, and I'm sure the play value for figures and stands is a big zero with the kids. Probably feels like they shouldn't play with it if it comes with a stand.

    As collectors we say screw the effects, knobs, whistles, pegs...blah, blah, blah, but these things are geared towards the kids right now and blast effects have a higher play value than a stand does.

    If we've lived this long without stands, we can wait longer or buy stands from some other source.

    I don't need'em.

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    Question What??

    First of all, these toys SUCK. They are BARELY poseable and obviously not articulate - therefore absolutely NO fun to play with. The only purpose for these crappy things is to POSE and make ourselves feel like more of a geek then we are to begin with. I don't really think it should be added to the figures if it blows the price out of reality, but anyone who complains about paying 25 cents for them at wholesale should not even be buying the figures in the first place.

    There is absolutely no way these things get in the way. Unless of course you like to make Han and Chewbacca make love or something. And if anyone is stupid enough to buy a stand because itís claimed to be a "variant" then they deserve to get ripped off! Also if any collector actually says, "screw the effects, knobs, whistles, peg, ect" then they should reassess their situation. Those are the best part of these toys since it is practically the only thing that moves or creates some type of action. Plus how can you re-create a scene without these items - just have a bunch of lamo figures standing there, staring at each other?

    Case in point, if you take your figures out, the only thing to do is pose them in some way or another. A 25-cent stand would make this a world of difference!

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    Originally posted by tjovonovich
    I can see the Ebay discription now..."Errored stand. Is a whole 1/32" smaller than standard stand. VERY RARE."
    Dang, that reminded me, on the GI Joe:A Real American Hero line from Hasbro, the figures all came with stands, but SOME of the stands and peg holes didn't fit some of the figures. Why? Because the peg holes for a few figures were larger!

    If Hasbro can assure of these things:
    - No cost increase to consumers
    - Universal, never-changing size
    - High enough quality so the pegs won't break off the stands

    those would be the criteria for getting me interested in pack-in stands. I never want to pull another broken peg from a figure's foot again.
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    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No figure can stand without the help of Episode 1 commtech chips,and sometimes they fall!They definently need stands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd love a pack-in stand for every figure. Shouldn't raise the price any, but stranger things have happened before.

    Also, I believe someone mentioned an idea of having magnets on the feet of every figure to let them stand securely on metal surfaces. This is a terrific idea! The force-flipping figures in the Saga line, though the magnets protrude from their feet unneccessarily, stand perfectly and with no effort. Why not just eliminate the peg/hole idea and go for magnets in the feet? Hopefully it won't raise costs, but they sure would stand!
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    thats a braight I dea,I have the Count Dooku force flipper and it stands perfect,just cant jump correctly,but they say that on the package
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    It would be great, however, I think it would be an excuse for Hasbro and retailers to raise the price the Commtech EP1 fiasco! If they didn't raise the price then YES!
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