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    i still think its a good idea

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    Here's a startling fact: McDonald's "reg meat" (Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, etc.) only costs a McDonald's restaurant $.08 per patty to buy from the McDonald's corporation. However, those patties (before cooked) are over twice the diameter and about 2 times the height of a Protech action figure stand.
    Given this information, we can apply it to Hasbro's expenses and conclude that no one should pay more than two cents extra for an action figure stand to be included in their package. These are little plastic stands, not beef!
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    I voted yes, but only if Hasbro:

    1). doesn't raise the price
    2). keeps giving us GOOD accessories

    I loved the new direction with POTJ with better figures and accessories. I was blown away by the deluxe Bacta Luke & Jabba's prisoner Leia. I know they are deluxe, but they aren't the only newer figs with better accessories. I thought the Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase) that came with the ASN-121 Assassin Droid was a nice touch (though I didn't like the magnets). Anyway.... back to the point, not only do the accessories increase the play value (and get kids involved in the hobby), they are also cool for diorama builders. Good accessories aren't as easily found as stands through other vendors. So, as long as it doesn't increase the price or decrease the "good" accessories that come with the figures, I'm all for them. They really shouldn't add much to the cost of the figure. For people that posted they would charge an extra $1/figure for them... that's way off. However, I couldn't believe brentfett's quote: "OH YES!!!!!!!
    I would have no problem paying up to a buck more for my figures if they all came with an action stand." You can buy good stands online for much less than a $1, so why be willing to pay an extra buck to have it included with the figure????
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    No, its a waste of space to me, well since i only collected carded.
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    Originally posted by the last jedi
    Well I would say yes because of the new way they are being produced. They dont stand anymore.
    Yeah ... that's pretty much my thought too. The idea of magnetized feet (or at least one foot) is a good one, the "neo-micromen" from takara came with magnetized feet and it's great. Not to mention if the play sets have magnets in them it all works together so well.

    I actually thought the commtech chips were cool (I know my kid liked them) ... and I can't imagine that they REALLY were that expensive. If Hasbro wants to raise prices ... they'll just make up an excuse regardless. Besides, they can cut costs by using cheaper ... err ... more child safe plastics.

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    Missed the voting but I say yes. A clear stand not a black one or any color really and without a bloody great logo on it. The price stays the same and the other accessories don't diminish.
    Although if habro quality control was higher half the problems with figures faling over wouldn't happen. However what I'm not sure about is whether I'd want two small stands - one for each foot, or one bigger stand with two pegs.

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    I missed the voting also, but I would love to get a stand w/ my fig's (although I now have about 100 extra stands in anticipation of new fig's!).

    Give me a stand and take away the crappy "action" features. The cool accessories need to stay though.
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    I don't really want to pay extra money for a stand when you can buy 12 for 4 bucks on an online store...
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    Yes stands seem liek a very obvious idea, I mean you can buy ones of many onlien sites but think back to GI Joes and mroe 80s toys about 75% of these came with stands, seeign how Habro/Kenner is givign these major articulation and putign them in poses ( some of whichc annot stand well) stands are a must.

    And since soem people have already bought other standws, why nto make all figures have footholes?
    And stop with variations of figures not havign them.

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