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    Do you want Hasbro to include stands with your action figures?

    What do you think?
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    Hey Hasbro . . . it's a no-brainer!

    To me, this is a big, obvious, emphatic YES!!!

    However, 25 years since the first toy line (and "holed" figure feet), Kenner/Hasbro does not seem to have figured out that throwing this little extra piece of plastic in with their figures would really make their customers happy.

    The bizarre thing is that they knew enough to put the holes in the feet, but then stopped short of including the stands. Why?

    It's like building a car, designing a steering wheel, but then selling it with just an empty hole. At least, I think that's what it's like.

    But seriously, I just don't get it. Such a no-brainer...

    The magnet idea is an even cooler one. If every figure came with magnetised feet, collectors could just hook up a sheet of lightweight metal on which to display their figures. It would give a lot more flexibility in terms of moving them around.

    But for now, would just settle for throwing in the plastic stand. However, five movies later, with only one to go, I won't hold my breath.

    P.S. Anyone have any recommendations for online dealers that sell good stands cheaply in bulk. Five movies later, and my figures are still without their stands . . .

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    Woo-hoo, I'm the first reply on a poll . . . do I win a prize?

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    Curious to hear why anyone would NOT want a stand included?

    So far:

    20 Yes

    2 No

    Out of curiosity, to the "No"s out there, why wouldn't you want them to include the stand?

    Seems like an obvious bonus to me . . . hmmm

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    My only concern would be how much would the price on figures increase with an addition like this? Remember they did include "stands" with the pegs on the COMMtech chips. Those cost $7.99!

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    Thumbs down

    I have lived without the stands for 25 years and would hate for Hasbro to increase the price to include something that isn't really necessary. It is nice to see the prices back down again so that everyone can collect/play with the toys. It sure is a lot easier for a parent to say yes to a figure if it is $ 4.99 vs. 5.99, 6.99 or higher. You would be surprised at how much a dollar can effect a decision. Also, these are action figures that are meant to be played with, that was there original intetnion and current intention too when you get down to it.

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    I say yes, include the stands. They are much better choice of extra than a Force File or a lame commtech chip.
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    Stands we be better than the scenary pack-ins Hasbro has been doing. (Maybe if they think those parts are that neat, they should make playsets!).

    Jeffonthego: the Fan Club sells some stands which work well for me. It's $3.99US for 12 stands. Not real cheap, but they work. The only problem I have with them is they are too wide, so small figures take up more room.

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    Action figure stands are the only thing harder to find than a Palpatine nowadays.

    I would love for Habro to include these just so I can avoid in the future the absolute fun I have of when I bump the shelf on which some of my figures sit and have an action figure avalanche fall on top of me.
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    they should include stands for the figures. if you look at a good majority of the figures out there they have stands or at least a display included with them. like the mcfarland figures.
    The comchip was a stand and was 7.99 but all star wars figs were 7.99 at a point in time. Its really cheap to make a plastic stand for figures
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