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    Specialized clone armor

    Did the clones own their armor, or was it more of a thing specialized for each mission? I know when they were just hangin' around, they had their own armor (like Cody and his men, etc.), but what about on "special" assignments?

    For instance, since Gree and his boys had camoflague armor, were they always chosen for jungle duties? Or was the camo armor given out to whichever clones were going to be in the jungle?

    I mean, what if Obi-Wan and Cody had to go to Kashyyyk or somewhere similar? Would Cody have borrowed the camo armor, or would Gree have gone instead just because he had the green armor already?
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    actually that is a really good question?

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    You're right this is a good question...I believe an issue of the star wars insider dealt with this a few months back...I didn't buy that issue but I did read it...if i'm not mistaken, the clones were able to modify their armor to suit whatever mission they happened to be going on...I think they could get upgrades and different parts/components of their armor as needed...I don't think that one clone would need to go to another and 'borrow' his armor...they probably had an armory or something where they could get what they needed.

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    *picks up that particular issue of the Insider*

    The units you referred to were the special units that really only were used in those particular environments. I'm sure if they needed additional troops and were out of the troops for the specialized units they could flash train more troops and send them into the field.

    I'm sure each clones armor became unique in its own sort of way but they probably didn't own it. It may have been like the bombers of WWII where they had different nose art for nearly each plane. The crew didn't own the plane but they made it there own with there special touches.
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