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Thread: Yoda vs Anakin!

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    Cool Yoda vs Anakin!

    the first monday night fight!
    who do you think will win out of these two powerful jedi's?and do you think this fight will happen?
    well i obviouslly think anakin whould get smoked by yoda personnaly it says in the aotc visual dictionary it says yoda can overcome virtually any oppenent with his strength in the force like Yoda is so powerful in the force that it makes him levitate, have more agility and strength then who do you think would win?
    "Fought well you have my old padawan"-Yoda

    "This is just the begining"-Count Dooku

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    This won't happen... See if Anakin had been defeated by Yoda, he would have tracked him down after he was "rebuilt". That is, if Yoda let him live, which I doubt.

    I don't even think Yoda will fight the emperor.

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    Anakin would lose. Even though he has more midi-chlorians, he's not as good with what he has. Yoda uses his to better effect, and thus the little green guy would win.

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    Anakin would be schooled, utterly and completely. He doesn't have any sort of control, just sheer aggressive power and as we saw against Dooku (whom Yoda would have sliced'n'diced in the long run) control and subtlety will win every time. Besides which, Anakin doesn't have the kind of Force control Yoda has. He got nailed by lightning for crying out loud; even Obi Wan was smart enough not to get hit.:P

    I also don't think Vader would have won his duel even with old Ben Kenobi if Ben hadn't let him. (but that's just my speculation)
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    I think so too! I think Ben would have trounced Vader on the Death Star, but then the duel would be over and the stormtroopers would just shoot everyone!

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    Yoda would kick his behind all over the place. No contest what so ever. Yoda is the Master and Anakin is but the learner. I also agree that Obi-Wan could have beaten Vader in ANH, but his plan was not to win and escape, only to divert the attention away from Luke and the others so that they could escape. Sacrifice seems to be one of the themes in series.

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    Thumbs up

    Yoda vs. Anakin?? depends...if they fought in the EP II period Yoda would win without a sweat. Now if they fought in the OT period...thats another story...IMO vader would win, thats the reason he and OB1 started Luke's training. It was as the movie title said...A new hope. Whats the point of training a Jedi if they could solve the problem earlier??? Same goes for Ob1's fight...IMO there was no way he could have beaten Vader...Han, Luke, Chewie and Leia were almost in the Falcon when OB1 sacrificed himself. Now...when OB1 dies he becomes one with the force...that way he can help Luke to stay focus in the Death Star Trench and finish the Death Star. Same way he appeared as a ghost in Hoth and told Luke about Yoda.

    Thats Lobito's opinion.
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    Yoda vs Ani?! Yoda without a doubt would win. Lobito says it pretty good.

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    thats easy yoda whould win withe out breaking a sweat.
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    Yoda vs. Anakin. Yoda wins.

    Yoda vs. Vader. Vader wins.


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