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    End Of The Clone Wars....

    Those good ol folks over at have just posted a story regarding recent comments GL has made with reference to EP3.

    It basically states what most of you have probably already guessed......

    The end of the Clone Wars will be seen at the beginning of EP3 leaving the rest of the movie to be more personal

    Head on over to for the whole story.....
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    Yeah I saw that on Entertainment Tonight myself, I wonder how long the battle will be, longer than Ep II's?

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    He said that the "Clone Wars would end at the beginning of the film, and it would then become very small and personal."

    Excellent . Sounds like it fits with my guesstimation thus far.
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    Good that way we can focus on anikans decent to evil.
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    this does sound good. hopefully anakin will kill dooku at the beginning of the film, and then there will be plenty of time for the anakin vs. obi-wan deuls.

    this will be an unusual pattern for lucas though. possibly 3 saber duel in one film? i hope it happens. and i hope they are done well, like in episode 1 and 5.

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    The battle at the beginning will probably be long and really intense, Rick Mcallum said "armageddon" would take place in the next film, and I assumed this is what he meant. Then again, he never does know what he's talking about.
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    Well, with what we've seen in E2 with Dooku vs everyone else, if you're good, a saber battle won't last long.

    Remember in ESB Vader didn't really want to kill Luke, just turn him to the Dark Side. The same could be argued about the duel in ROTJ. That's why those duels took so long, compared to how quickly Count Dooku hacked up Obi-Wan and Anankin.

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    Yoda should kill Dooku.

    It's only right that Yoda gets to kill someone.

    Everyone else does.

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    Originally posted by Battle Droid
    Yoda should kill Dooku.

    It's only right that Yoda gets to kill someone.

    Everyone else does.
    I was thinknig about this.
    I felt that Anakin slaying him and taking his place with sidious would be more fitting BUT remember what Yoda says in ESB "War does not make one great" as in he regrets being a warrior. I was thinkin he kills Dooku and regrets it until he dies....or something...
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    I went to TF.N and saw no such article.


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