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    Angry Anakakin HD, Dooku, and Yoda

    Has anybody seen these figures together? I have yet to see these figures. I checked ebay but they are going for super high prices! $28? Heck I aint paying that much! Anybody else having toruble finding these three figs?

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    Darth_Growl, PM me, i can help you...
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    I found all 3 at the same time in the same store over the 4th of July weekend.
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    It's funny. I found them all in about one weektwo months ago, but I haven't really seen many of them since then.
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    I see them all over the place. I must say that Yoda still seems to be the most sparse thought.

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    Up until a little while ago, I still had extras of all those figures. Still have an extra Dooku, if you want it. I haven't seen too many of those guys recently, but for a while I saw tons of 'em all at the same time.

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    I ordered Anakin HD from an online store over the weekend.

    Still haven't seen Yoda or Dooku.

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    About the only time i seen all three at one time was when they where all coming back in april.

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    As a matter of fact, I did see those particular three figures together just this past Saturday. I've had them all for two months, but I grabbed the only Yoda and one of the Dookus for my friend's sister and her fiance. Left Anakin HD and the second Dooku there for some other lucky soul to find.
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    I haven't seen a Dooku yet ) : but I have seen the Yoda and the Anakin HD twice together at the same time. They were gone within a day. I average about 7 trips to various stores a week, times that by 6 and that is 42 times I have been in at stores looking for those figures and still no Dooku.
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