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    Anakin Killing Jedi?

    It's always been my belief that Anakin/Vader would hunt down and kill the Jedi. Even if you don't believe this, he would still have to kill at least one... otherwise, what's the point? Anyway, I was recently thinking. After watching Anakin get his butt kicked by Dooku, how would he have any hope of killing a Jedi Master, let alone thousands of them?
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    As soon as Anakin kills his first Jedi he becomes Vader but the question is who does he kill and why. I hope it's not Mace because I like the whole Boba Fett angle but I'm not George Lucas...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    He helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi. That does not mean he had to lock sabers with even one of them. Not that I believe that is the case. The event that turns Anakin into Vader is the fight that takes place between he and his former master ending with Anakin wearing a life support system. At that point the hate is burned into him. I think the timing will be such that the Jedi become his target when they become the target of the Empire. I could see an Imperial military action beginning at the end of the film focused on destroying remaining Jedi. Even that may be left to our imaginations.
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    It'll probably be a huge EU thing explaining the destruction of the Jedi. In all likelihood Ep3 will only show the killing off of main characters who aren't in the OT.

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    There are more ways to kill a Jedi than lightsaber duels. Anakin is an excellent pilot so he might have a memorable dogfight on a Tie fighter against one (or maybe more) Jedi starfighter.

    He could also help destroy some of the most powerful Jedi... no more than two or three.

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    Well, goign back to the whole Mace thing. I think he will betray the council and murder them. So basically if we follow that storyline (and Boba Fett will still get his revenge on Mace), Anakin doesn't have to kill any Jedi. Basically all he has to do is kill Dooku. Once he has done that, he can take his place at Palpatines side. He fully breaks from the Jedi order by battling Obi-Wan. Thats what I think.
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    That sounds a lot more reasonable to me... but maybe it's because i still refuse to believe MW will turn out to be a bad guy.

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    Well, we'll all find out in three years, won't we?

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    Originally posted by DarthSetnom
    That sounds a lot more reasonable to me... but maybe it's because i still refuse to believe MW will turn out to be a bad guy.
    I've just never bought the whole Mace-is-a-traitor thing. The only evidence or reasons I've ever read to back this up are along the lines of "He looked like he was thinking something evil" It's just not enough for me. Plus I don't think Sam Jackson would like Lucas to do that to his character. There's just not much point to it.

    But as DeadEye said, I guess we'll find out in three years (darn that's a long time...)
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    has it been three years yet?
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