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    Question Whats the newest thing you guys have been able to find?

    The newest thing i've found recently (today actually 7/8/01) was Djas Puhr, Senator Palpatine, Deluxe Nexu, and Deluxe Anakin w/ Geonosian. I picked up one of each
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    Newest things I have found were the Deluxe Anakin w/ Genosin, the Acklay, and the Unleashed Maul and Fett.
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    Found the Nexu and Deluxe Anakin on Saturday morning...
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    A Nexu at TARGET.

    Haven't heard of the Acklay or Palpy wave making rounds here.
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    I found the Nexu, Endor Han Solo, Deluxe Anakin, and the Deluxe Mace with the Red Battle Droid. I have not seen the Acklay and have never seen the Palpatine.

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    Obi-Wan Pilot, Chewie, Han, Palpatine, Nexu, Deluxe Anakin, Mace with Red Droid. No acklay.

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    Obi Wan Pilot, Han Solo & deluxe Anakin are mainly flooding the pegs round my area in the UK. Acklay has been seen, but not in great amounts yet.
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    The newest thing that I found was Pilot Obi, but that was while I was on vacation. The latest thing that I've seen around home is the Bespin wave.

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    As of the 5th deluxe anakin, nexu and the unleashed maul and fetts pick up but the fetts because they where all damaged

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    The Unleashed seem to be filtering in around NJ. (Wal-marts, video game stores, etc.)


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