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    Question Question concerning final battle jango fett

    i recently just picked up a final battle jango fett...i have yet to open it but i was wondering with anakin and zam wesells removable arm being held on by a magnet and jango head being able to be removed from his body i was wondering if jango's head is held on by a magnet also
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    Yep, ole Jango's head and body stay together with magnets. It's one of the good magnets though like Zam's arm, so the head stays on really well.

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    thanks jarjar.......i just took him out and he cant stand if his life depended on it and his hands hold the gun funny but surpisingly i liked the little flame gimmick he had...did anyone get final battle jango to stand on his own???
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    I had to use a real stand to get him to stay up while he had the flame thing on his wrists.
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    Jango stands just fine for me. Either in the pose shown in the first picture on this page or with his left leg out in front, and his right leg going back with the lower part of the leg turned outwards slightly. C'mon, he's got a buttload of leg oughta be able to stand him up.

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    I can't stand him straight. I can have him kneeling, however, and he stays up.

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    I had to fight with my Jango's knees to get them to bend since they use these locking joints instead of joints like on Bespin Luke. The magnet is suprisingly strong, and actually I had to fight to get the head off so I could get the rest of the Jango figure out since his scope on his helmet was secured in the tray and so were his legs.
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    The magnet on this figure is a little too strong--the only time it came out without me wanting it to was when I first removed him from the bubble.

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    The magnet on mine is just right. It's strong enough to keep his head on when I'm moving him, but loose enough to let his head fly off when GR Mace lays the lightsaber smackdown on him
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    I got mine standing quite easily. The magnet on mine isn't particularly strong, the head comes off easily.
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