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    Whats your F A V O R I T E Kenner Star Wars figure ever made from 77-2002

    What is your favorite star wars figure of all time ???

    Mine is the Commtech Stormtrooper. I love that figure and have been a stormtrooper fan since i saw the movies when i was little. I have tons of stormtrooper stuff sitting around in my collecting room/ office

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    none of you have a favorite figue?
    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    Loose ctc stormtroopers
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    Vintage Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker. I just think that figure is the coolest becasuse of the helmet. I know it doesen't look the best, but I just love that removable helmet for some reason.
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    Very tough decision.....

    I think I will choose the 300th figure Boba Fett. I absolutely love the look of this figure! Although it's more of a statue, it's likeness is amazing. Definately my one of my faves!
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    Well, since I lost or destroyed most of my vintage stuff as a kid, I don't have any of it to look at now, but I'd say one of my all-time favorites ever is POTF2 Bossk. I don't know exactly why, but I love that figure. Great sculpt for one thing, though. Very accurate. I also like POTJ Dagobah Darth Vader quite a bit. Vader's my favorite character though so I'm kind of biased.

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    My favorite would have to be vintage Luke Bespin. A close second would have been vintage Luke Jedi.

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    Tough decision. I like almost all of the new stuff. I only have a small portion of my vintage collection. When I see the vintage stuff now, it is pretty cheesy looking compared to the modern line. The memories of the vintage line are better than anything. For some reason, I always liked the vintage AT-AT driver and the Twin Pod Cloud Car pilot.

    For the modern line, I like the CT R2-D2 and most of the other new droids (R3-T7, R4-M9, etc) and the CT Stormtrooper. It is hard to choose just one figure because I like something about every modern figure. Then again, I would change something about a lot of modern figures(articulation, paint, sculpt, pose, gimmick).

    My fondest memories of any figure are the 12" Vintage Boba Fett. He had a cool grappling hook, and you could see thru his head. Sure, it was the only 12" figure I owned as a kid. I don't even collect 12" figures now (but my wife still bought me the 12" Pondo Baba because it was on clearance).

    And I guess I could make a plug for the Mouse Droid that comes with R4-M9. He is good to sniff. See the forum in the POTJ section.
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    Geeze BJ, you ask the hardest of questions. I like them all equally, but if I have to choose some, I guess the Dagobah Darth Vader, Jango Fett KE, Bo Shek, Bespin Luke ( Saga ) , Darth Maul ( Sith Speeder version ) R2-Q5, and my custom Captain Antiiles are my favorite ones. Vader ( Dag ) is my favorite Vader and removable helmet is my second fav.

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    It is a tie for me between Vintage Squid Head and Vintage Royal Guard.

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    Vintage Amanaman & vintage Yoda
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