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    So what do people think about the new Darth Maul figure?

    see subject =)
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    I didn't even know there was a new Maul figure

    I'll have to check him out but really, do we need ANOTHER Darth Maul?????

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    Whose Darth Maul? No seriously???

    Okay sorry....He is ALRIGHT. just another EU figure.. plus he has ACTION GIMMICK! But his saber looks good..with removable blades i hope..
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    I don't like the red trim around his cloak but the saber is cool. But overall, he looks to be just another Maul figure that we don't need. He's taking up positions that could be made into other previously undone figs like more background characters from the Cantina or Jabba's Palace.
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    The figure is ok, but I don't really like the red stripes.
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    That's for me to know...and for you to find out.
    I think he's cool. I like the metal lightsaber.
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    He looks like one of Hell's Cheerleaders in that stupid get up. Thank you no!!!
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    While I agree that there was no need for another Maul he looks pretty cool. And as one of those collectors that also has a kid Hasbro knows its market. The 6 year old can't get enough of him. I fear we will never see the end of the Horny guy...

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    I cannot stomach another maul. I think I will pass
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    i think this is the greatest maul out there metal lightsaber handle probably removeable blades, and a firkkin probe droid i might need to buy 2 for the probe droids.
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