Jude Watson (Jedi Apprentice and now Jedi Quest ) is doing an excellent job as usual!

Her books are amongst the best SW I ever read. They are young adult books (look in the kids' section of Barnes and Nobel, Wal*Mart, or wherever) but they are better than most books I've read and way better than Rogue Planet or The Approaching Storm! (adult hardcovers about Anakin and Obi-Wan)

Jedi Quest got off to a great start.

I'm glad Siri is still in it. I'm surprised that Obi-Wan never explored romantic possibilities with her before they were fully trained Jedi. And if he did, that it didn't strengthen their friendship, and only now, as Jedi Masters, are they learning to be friends and cooperate with one another better. Then again, divorced parents sometimes get along with each other better than they did when they were married, so...

But Siri's padawan, Feris Olin is pretty intriguing. He's likeable enough, and you wish Anakin would just learn to get along with him. The two could be colleagues, but Anakin has to be so competative. It's not like they aren't all supposed to learn how to be little "alpha leaders" but Anakin learns that Tru Veld can lead and be a great ally.

I also wonder if he's so hung-up on women, (well his mother is a different matter - but Padme, who he knew for like a week or two is his life) that he'd find Darra Thel-Tanis, a Jedi padawan his age, and attractive no less, to be quite interesting.

She seems more bonded with Feris, and maybe Anakin will develop feelings for her and butt heads with Feris more over this. Since Jedi marriage isn't allowed, I'm sure any activity that ummm, could lead to procreation isn't encouraged either. But Anakin doesn't care about the rules. We see that time and time again. Feris will have to have it in his head to break them over Darra, or hide any relationship he has with Darra from their masters, if Anakin will have anything to get jealous of over there. But he didn't seem the least bit interested in Darra, romantically.

Later, I realize he's learned not to trust Jedi. He won't get close to Bariss Ofree in The Approaching Storm because she'll tell everything to Luminara, and from there it will get back to Obi-Wan.

If he has one friend he can confide in now, it's Tru Veld. That makes me think Tru is going to get himself killed and it will somehow be Anakin's fault.

These stories cannot have happy endings. By the time of The Approaching Storm, Anakin does not trust Jedi and doesn't have many (or any) friends amongst them. Yes he loves Obi-Wan like a father, but do you tell YOUR parents everything? Especially if you're living under their rules...

Anyway, what are your thoughts?