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    Jedi Quest off to a good start! (Anakin's other romances)

    Jude Watson (Jedi Apprentice and now Jedi Quest ) is doing an excellent job as usual!

    Her books are amongst the best SW I ever read. They are young adult books (look in the kids' section of Barnes and Nobel, Wal*Mart, or wherever) but they are better than most books I've read and way better than Rogue Planet or The Approaching Storm! (adult hardcovers about Anakin and Obi-Wan)

    Jedi Quest got off to a great start.

    I'm glad Siri is still in it. I'm surprised that Obi-Wan never explored romantic possibilities with her before they were fully trained Jedi. And if he did, that it didn't strengthen their friendship, and only now, as Jedi Masters, are they learning to be friends and cooperate with one another better. Then again, divorced parents sometimes get along with each other better than they did when they were married, so...

    But Siri's padawan, Feris Olin is pretty intriguing. He's likeable enough, and you wish Anakin would just learn to get along with him. The two could be colleagues, but Anakin has to be so competative. It's not like they aren't all supposed to learn how to be little "alpha leaders" but Anakin learns that Tru Veld can lead and be a great ally.

    I also wonder if he's so hung-up on women, (well his mother is a different matter - but Padme, who he knew for like a week or two is his life) that he'd find Darra Thel-Tanis, a Jedi padawan his age, and attractive no less, to be quite interesting.

    She seems more bonded with Feris, and maybe Anakin will develop feelings for her and butt heads with Feris more over this. Since Jedi marriage isn't allowed, I'm sure any activity that ummm, could lead to procreation isn't encouraged either. But Anakin doesn't care about the rules. We see that time and time again. Feris will have to have it in his head to break them over Darra, or hide any relationship he has with Darra from their masters, if Anakin will have anything to get jealous of over there. But he didn't seem the least bit interested in Darra, romantically.

    Later, I realize he's learned not to trust Jedi. He won't get close to Bariss Ofree in The Approaching Storm because she'll tell everything to Luminara, and from there it will get back to Obi-Wan.

    If he has one friend he can confide in now, it's Tru Veld. That makes me think Tru is going to get himself killed and it will somehow be Anakin's fault.

    These stories cannot have happy endings. By the time of The Approaching Storm, Anakin does not trust Jedi and doesn't have many (or any) friends amongst them. Yes he loves Obi-Wan like a father, but do you tell YOUR parents everything? Especially if you're living under their rules...

    Anyway, what are your thoughts?
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    Has #3 come out yet? The website had a write-up on #4, but nothing I saw on the one prior to it. Huh? Wha-? The Toys R Us comic #2 and the bar scene in AOTC show Anakin is quite hormonally gifted...
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    The Jedi Quest comics illustrate the story in a great way. I love how they show Anakin develop his lightsaber.
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    By the way, JQ #3 is due out in August. I almost thought this would be the first Jedi Apprentice/Quest book to not have its title start with "the," since kept using the line "Return to Racing." But the title does begin with "the."

    On another note, are Target, K-Mart, and Wal*Mart angry at SW writers? The only book I can find there is the AOTC novel. No young adult or other paperback books. What gives? Booooo!!! I loved their 25% off deals...
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    I think romance should be left out of Anakin's apprentice days, it would explain his time with Padme better and express how much he felt for her even though he doesn't see her. To keep him romancing in the Jedi Quest books is just bad writing if they have to fall for "easy drama". Including his thoughts for Padme and how much he thinked of here would have been more suiting.
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    A kid crush of mine - actually my first girl-next-door friend of mine I played with since I was 5 years old - became a UCLA Bruins cheerleader. I recently renewed my friendship with her after not really seeing her but once a year. I don't know where things are heading, but in any case, I certainly didn't get hung up on her back then and wait for her until now.

    If Anakin is .......developing his interests....... and they're normally, healthy hetero ones, than he shouldn't be hung-up on Padme.

    Maybe Jedi aren't supposed to think about this or get involved. They are quite possibly supposed to be celibate, but we all know Qui-Gon wasn't - plus his girl (or one of them) was another Jedi who also sidestepped her directions to not get involved. And Obi-Wan has had ample opportunities to not be such an angel either. He was probably too young to go too far when he left the Jedi Order for Cerasi, but he learned his lesson when she got killed. In either case, those two books: Defenders of the Dead and The Uncertain Path are the best work Jude Watson ever did - and she's good! Cerasi was an awesome character and totally appropriate for Obi-Wan! However, he learned, and (most of the time) Qui-Gon practiced, not letting affairs take over your life. Marriage would be out of the question, as would parenting. So I'm sure irresponsible reproduction would not sit well with the Council - as no doubt, the child would eventually have to be trained. If it happened, they wouldn't punish the Jedi, however, I'm sure that the child would have to be taken and be raised as a Jedi. Under these circumstances, I think the parent would learn a harsh lesson, as the child would NOT be allowed to know who their parent is.

    So the parent Jedi would have to keep their trap shut and stay out of their child's development.

    Though with the Force, wouldn't it be hard not to notice another Jedi's reaction towards you? Especially parent to child affection from a Jedi you've never even met? Something would be suspicious about that.

    This is a reason why I think Dooku may have left the Jedi Order on his mission to infiltrate the Sith (no spoiler, this is a theory). If Anakin learns he'd killed his own father (in Episode 3) it will totally crush him and make him hate the Jedi even more. Again, I cite the fact that Shmi heard all about Qui-Gon from Dooku (her lover) and that's why she let Anakin leave with him (among other reasons having to do with more obvious stuff like her being a slave, etc. - could you see Anakin staying on Tatooine and demanding union wages from Watto? "You WILL give me vacation and medical benefits. GIVE THEM TO ME NOW!!!"

    Anyway, it's a thought. Besides, Anakin showed some interest in Tabitha in Rogue Planet. You'd think he'd have better chances with Darra because he could always see her back at the Jedi Temple.
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    Re: Jedi Quest off to a good start! (Anakin's other romances)

    Originally posted by Tycho
    Since Jedi marriage isn't allowed, I'm sure any activity that ummm, could lead to procreation isn't encouraged either.
    didn't GL say in a recent interview that Jedi did not have to be celibate? I can't cite any specifics, maybe someone else heard about it.
    Anyway, when I heard that, I was curious as to if they might approach the subject in the EU. Obviously Anakin is preoccupied during the moments on film, but I've been wondering lately if maybe Obi-Wan treats himself to any dalliances?

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    They can't marry, but they DON'T have to be celibate. That's official. OK.

    Then Jedi birth control should be discussed - and I'm not joking.

    It's irresponsible to not parent your child.

    If the Jedi aren't supposed to have mothers either, this complicates things if a female Jedi got pregnant from one of her daliancies.

    Furthermore, if it's more complicated than that, like Qui-Gon and Tahl, or Obi-Wan and Siri Taichi (as is suggested), than the offspring would be very powerful in the Force and have to grow up being a Jedi. So then, for 18 years would Obi-Wan and Siri be exiled from the Temple, or would this kid who sort of resembles them notice the "weird Obi-Wan guy who looks like he wants to hug me and stares at me whenever he's around?" With the Force, it would be hard not to notice waves of parental affection pouring out of them.

    So would the parent Jedi be forbidden from traning them as their padawan?

    If both parents were Jedi, would Obi-Wan and Siri have to go before Judge Judy for a custody battle if one of them was going to get to be the Master?

    Would they not put extra pressure of certain expectations on their children if they did train them? (Were any of you guys coached by your dad on your Little Leauge team?)

    I think it would simplify things if the kids were not allowed to know who their parents were if they were Jedi, and if those parents were strongly cautioned to avoid their children if they were both in the temple.

    All this lends to the possibility that Dooku could still be Anakin's father.
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    If they are Jedi they could force control their...
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    I don't think the young adult books are going to address marriage or having children. The audience isn't really appropriate for that, I believe. "Dating" or finding someone attractive is probably as far as Watson will go.
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