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    Sneak Preview Jango Fett Variation for Trade . . .

    Hey everyone, this is probably for the people who want and collect the errors and/or variants of the star wars figures. I just found out that I have the Sneak Preview Jango Fett with the the missing letters on the jetpack. is selling the figure for $45, and it's being sold online from $40 to $60. I'm only interested in the standard figures, so please let me know if you are interested in trade. I am looking for figures in the POTJ line, as I am missing more than just a couple. I am collecting primarily those two lines (Saga and POTJ) for my two boys. I have each collection over their two beds. If you have some of the POTJ line that are moc, please let me know!! We can definitely work out a trade here!! I am in Colorado . . .

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    I am interested in your figure. Send me an e-mail with the figures you are looking for in the POTJ in line. I also have all of the Saga line. Thanks.

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    I tried to send you an e-mail, but it said that you aren't receiving any at this time. Well, okay, from the Saga line, I only need two regulars. Those two are the Dexter Jettster w/insert, and the Geonosian Warrior w/insert. The special ones I need are the bloody luke and the Jorg Sacul (of course). Let's see, from the POTJ line I need more than a few, and here they are. . .
    Aurra Sing (0.03)
    Boss Nass (0.00)
    Chewbacca, Dejark (0.00)
    Gungan Warrior (0.00 or 0.01)
    IG-88 (0.01)
    Mas Amedda (0.00 or 0.03)
    Mon Calimari (0.04 or 0.03)
    Plo Kloon (0.04 or 0.03)
    Qui-Gon Jin, Jedi Training Gear (0.04)

    Alright, there is my pretty big list, so please let me know what you have among that, and we'll take the next time, ok?? Right on, for responding back!!

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    I'll see what i have or can do for you. Try my e-mail from outside of this forum have had troubles sending & receiving from here.


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