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    Originally posted by darthvyn
    that would be huge! that would be so sweeeet i'd crap my pants, then head-butt my dog until we both screamed!
    Dude... What the heck? That's wrong...
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    Originally posted by morecow299
    first of all superman would completely crush batman so there is no competition.
    second it would probably have a very weak plot and no acting talent.
    third DC sucks!
    1) Don't agree there, have you read Dark Knight Returns?
    2) got that right.
    3) Sorry, but again, gotta disagree, they put out great stuff, such as JSA, The Flash, Hawkman, The Legion, and Green Arrow. On the other hand, the only thing Marvel puts out that's worth the paper its printed on is The Ultimates.

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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    I thought Jonna's new avatar was David Boreanz, AKA Angel, the spin off vampire of Buffy:Vampire Hunter and star of the "horror" movie Valentine. But then, I thought Jonna's first avatar was a blue CHICK. So what do I know?

    I'm not sure what to think about a Supes/Bats movie. but what really scared me was Wolfgang working on "Ender's Game" after he's done with this one...NOOOOOO!!! I wanted to make the Ender's Game movie. Darnit.
    Well it looks like Anakin.......sort of.

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    Originally posted by DarthBatman

    Dude... What the heck? That's wrong...
    sorry if you find that offensive or inappropriate.

    Originally posted by wedgeA

    3) Sorry, but again, gotta disagree, they put out great stuff, such as JSA, The Flash, Hawkman, The Legion, and Green Arrow. On the other hand, the only thing Marvel puts out that's worth the paper its printed on is The Ultimates.
    Daredevil, Amazing Spider-man, Alias, Spider-man's Tangled Web, the new X-Force, which is being re-named and re-started, are all great Marvel reads, as well... ultimates is incredible, though... did you read #5 yet? just amazing!
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    Forgot about Amazing SM, that is a really good title. Tried the rest except for Tancled web, but they did not capture my interest.
    X Force is going another rehaul, Milligan is still new on the book.

    I did read Ultimates #5 and it rocked, probably one of the best single issues out this year, writing and art are top notch, and the book has a great sense of humor.

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    I agree with your comments totally wedgeA. I have been reading comics for well over twenty years now. I have read tons of Marvel AND tons of DC. I currently spend thirty to thirty-five dollars a week on comics. I have just never been able to get into Marvel comics the way I have DC. I understand a lot of people see otherwise, but for my money it's DC all the way! Plus, from comments I've always heard from die hard Marvel fans, I tend to believe that a lot of them have never even given DC a chance! Don't knock it if ya don't know it!

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    I became a DC fan after reading Crisis. That masterpiece showed me that DC was willing to take major chances, and the stuff that followed have kept me hooked. Currently, the new takes on JSA and Legion are great reads.

    I like the Marvel characters, but in other mediums. I enjoyed the Spiderman and X Men movies much more than their current comics. To me, Marvel is still defnied by Lee, Kirby, Ditko, Thomas, Romita Sr, et al.

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    Originally posted by wedgeA

    I became a DC fan after reading Crisis. That masterpiece showed me that DC was willing to take major chances, and the stuff that followed have kept me hooked. Currently, the new takes on JSA and Legion are great reads.

    Wow, the Crisis (in its orignal print run) was the point where I started buying comics on a regular basis! Prior to that I bought some Byrne-era X-Men and a few other (Marvel only) titles here and there. And of course Star Wars, the first (and for many years, only) comic I ever bought on a monthly basis!

    But, as for the upcoming movie, Batman vs. Superman, it seems that some here have only partly read the articles at hand. I fail to see anything that suggests that Petersen is trying to take credit for conceiving this kind of friction of in philosphies that is core to the plot. The article itself seems to suggest that Peterson falls just short of having created the characters of Batman and Superman, but I don't find anything in the actual quotes that should paint him as self agrandizing. I also take issue with the suggestion that Warner is simply "jumping on the super-hero movie bandwagon". I seem to recall that the first FOUR Superman films (though the third and fourth do not count) and the first FOUR Batman films (again, three and four don't count) predate even the FIRST X-Men movie (the first real Marvel super-hero property film worth a mention, and yes, I am deliberatly excluding Blade as he is only on the fringe of that which is officially considered the super-hero genre) by a MINIMUM of a few YEARS, if not a DECADE or more. Warner didn't just wake up the morning after Spider-Man broke box-office records and declare, "We've got some super-heroes, lets make a movie!"

    And now to that which we know. If you want to see some real, reliable, and often in-depth coverage of upcoming films, check out Ain't it Cool News ( This site reports on pretty much every film in pre-production, production, or release in pretty much the entire world. As a result, you have to do some looking, or check it out daily to find out the news on any specific film. But the upside is this. The DO NOT REPORT RUMORS. As a rule, wherever possible, everything they report is confirmed. This is not to say that some of their spies have not managed to let a rumor slip in here and there, but if they do, nothing they report, no matter how well known or confirmed, will ever be posted to the site again. So it is in all of thier spies best interest to check their facts. This was where I first heard that there would be a Superman and Batman film, originally touted as "Worlds Finest" (the title of the old Superman/Batman team-up comic). That the project shifted gears to a "vs." motif does not distress me in the least. I have long thought that this would make a smasing film. Especially if they have a Production Designer worth his or her salt. Someone who understands the visual dichotmy that has to exist in this production. Metropolis should be New York City Plus! It should be a clean, proud, gleaming city of art-deco, steel, glass, and marble. This is in direct contrast with the overbuilt, brooding, dark, and unfriendly feel of Gotham City. Thusly the cities themselves reflect the nature of their champions. Superman is driven by a strong belief in the American Way, and the potntial of man. Batman is driven by guilt and mistrust and sees crime-fighting as a war, in the truest sense of the word. Hopefulyl the script will explore a kind of terriorial battle as the two heroes try to impose thier philosophies on each other's cieies and each others unique foes. I've not heard any specifics on any villains that may be inluded, but I think that Joker and Lutor are the ideal choices if you want to keep it simple.

    It has been no secret in recent years that Jack Nicholson is chomping at the bit to reprise his role as the Joker. And if Warner is determined to rescue the Batman franchise, they need to just say that the previous films have nothing to do with the new ones. It is also no secret that George Clooney has already signed to appear in two more Batman films. However, since it appears that both Bats and Supes have solo films in development, which I have read elswhere are independant of the plot in Batman vs. Superman, it is open to conjecture exactly which Batman film he may appear in. And on a deeply personal note, I would love to see Christopher Walken play Luthor against a Nicholson Joker. The monotone juxtaposed against the manic!

    In the long run, I would hope that Warner is taking some cues from the Marvel-based films. X-Men proved a "group" film could not only work, but it could be done without being bogged down. And Spider-Man proved that you can have a super-hero film that is engaging, intellegent, and witty and sometimes you just have to gloss over a few things (like exactly how did Peter Parker manage to take his Spidey costume design from a scribble of Sharpies on filler paper to a sophisticated body suit?) and the audience will simply take that as read. From that standpoint, I think that Warner can learn a lot from what's come our most recently. Sadly I fear that this may not be the case.

    You see, WEEKS before Batman vs. Superman was announced, and about the time that Spider-Man was shattering box office records and studio expectations, Warner announced their first "super-hero" project since Batman Forever. Was it a live-action Justice League movie? NO. Perhaps Green Arrow or Green Lantern? NO! How about the long awaited Watchmen adaptation. Forget it! No, read it and weep, greenlit for production it's ...<gasp>


    File that fact away for future box-office poison. What posessed Warners to think for a moment that anyone, anywhere was anxiously awaiting a less-than-dynamic duo who can take on the shape of a pangolin and the form of an ice-awl. (Hows that for an obscure use of equally obscure powers?)
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    Aint-it-cool-news is reporting that Colin Farrell has been cast as Batman and Jude Law as Superman, both solid actors. At least this project has a chance.

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    Check it out:,6115,3...batman,00.html



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