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Thread: Black Sheep

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    Black Sheep

    Who's getting in line with me to see this! What a great trailer.
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    didn't i see that years ago with david spade and chris farley?

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    It looks so bad it looks good, but..."In New Zealand Cinemas March 22"
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    I prefer Tommy Boy Episode I over Tommy Boy Episode II.

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    Why call this "Black Sheep" since A) it is already a fairly well-known recentish movie title; b) the sheep in this film aren't black; and C) the idea of a proverbial black sheep isn't in play in this concept?

    As for the concept, seems as "uhhh, what???" as you can get, and the trailer isn't sure if it's a comedy or not (I know, I know, the premise of killer sheep should automatically sell that angle, but these days somehow it just doesn't). All that said, if they put the killer sheep on a plane with Samuel L. Jackson...
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