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    Thumbs up your thoughts on this new wave. (darth maul etc.)

    i think this is the best wave to date! the figures all look great and appear that they will fly off the shelves/pegs!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    really cool wave!

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    Awesome figures!!!!!!!!!!
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    yes they are! can't wait to get them!
    can you?
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    it doesn't seem like they'll have too many gimmick-err special play action features so yes, this looks like one of the best waves of saga
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    And of course, this means everyone will be after it and I won't find any.

    Are all 5 figures (Padme, Anakin, Ki-Adi, Maul, and Teemto) coming out at the same time? And when are they coming out?

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    The only one I really want is Maul from that wave.
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    I definitely want Anakin (duh) and Ki-Adi. Possibly Padme, since I didn't get the other Padme. I don't know if I need another Maul. His red uniform looks kinda dumb.

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    Is this wave on sale as we speak??
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    I love them all, especially Teemto! More podracers please!


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