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    Will SAGA be the biggest line?

    Well, with 40 figures or so already having hit the stores, (since 23 April) it looks as if the new SAGA line will be the single largest line of SW figures EVER.

    POTJ had 58
    EP1 had 50

    And SOTE was the shortest with just 5!

    So what are your feelings on this?

    Do you like the new line?

    Personally, I think that it is a big disappointment.

    First of all it is the single reason why I am no longer a completist.

    Second, a LOT of potentially good figures have been ruined, by STUPID gimmicks.

    I have seen no improvement in sculpts from the POTJ line. In fact, the new line has taken steps back in terms of quality and playability.

    Some examples are:

    legs stuck in one pose fact MOLDED in ONE piece!!!

    levers and buttons that stick out of the figures.

    cheap springs, levers, gears, etc that make a figure feel like it may fall apart in your hands.

    DIDN'T Hasbro learn from the EP1 Deluxe line?

    Anyway, there's my rant. I just felt it had to be said. I am VERY disappointed with the new line and my frustrations are only compounded by the fact that this may well be the longest running line-up in the history of SW figures.

    PLEASE Hasbro...STOP the gimmicks.

    For years we have cried for more detail...more articulation...more original sculpts.

    We have gotten more detail. We are now getting more original sculpts. But it dosen't amount to anything if I hate the figure sooooo much that I refuse to spend good money on it.

    And that is precisley what I am doing!!! MANY figures from the new line HAD sooo much potential. But those gimmicks ruined them!
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    I really like this line a lot. I know there a lot of critics on this board who use a certain criteria to measure a figures worth.....i.e articulation, paint job, sculpt, accessories etc, but I just like them for what they things to look at. I'm not an openers, so I just have all my figs on the wall, and I just like to look up and them, lets me use my imaginiation. But yes, saga is my favorite so far........vintage would probably be my favorite if my entire collection wasnt either buried in the backyard, or sold as a lot at a Yard Sale for $1 (DAMN G.I.JOE!!!!).
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    I'm enjoying the Saga figures
    They look good on my wall.
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    I'd say the figures/card as a package are the most attractive of all. Figures alone (I have opened very few) seem to be just fine (with the exception of my Dooku which seems very flimsy).

    Gimmicks are fine, if you don't like them, set them aside. The addition of accessoties is fantastic. Saga Luke/Bespin is worlds beyond previous efforts. For example:
    Saga Luke Bespin for $4.77
    or the little turd of plastic they called Anakin/Episode One - $6.99
    Gimmicks are with children in mind, it does increase playability. For collectors, the figures still look great displayed on or off the card. If I were an employee of Hasbro, and had some grown man come up to me and complain about how the push bottons/turn knobs, or whatever doesn't work, I'd probably laugh in his face. Sorry!, but it's true.

    Just keep in mind who TOYS are made for. We should all be very happy we get things like Bo Shek, or even more recently with Djas Puhr. These are gifts to us, not Billy the six year old.

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    The way it is going right known will have to say it will propely end up beung the biggest for the time being.

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    Saga will easily be the biggest line, if its constant release of figures continues. It'll at least last until next year.

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    I think there were 57 in the POTJ line, even counting the Dirty/Clean Biker Scout variants.

    Saga will most likely be the biggest line since we've already got figures over the 52 to be released. Plus there isn't another movie till 2005, giving it time to run for quite awhile unlike POTJ had the chance to. Most likely the numbers of figures released n assortments will dwindle to the 2-4 figure assortments later on, but it'll still have a bigger chance than POTJ. Maybe they'll even beat out the vintage line.
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    I love the new line. I don't open them, so the gimmicks don't really mean alot to me. I agree with Sing's Undies (tehheheheh undies!) about how hasbro is marketing these for the younglings, with gimmicks and "action!" and whatnot. Let's not forget, the boxes say "ages 4+" not "Ages 20+ and who demand every figure be to their exact specifications or will complain about it" that's just me though.
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    How many were in POTF2 (just wondering)? I thought that the SOTE line was part of POTF2?
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    I guess the old cliche "quality, not quantity" doesn't apply to Hasbro. And even if product was cut by 50%, the staff would likely continue to produce badly painted preposed figures.

    Saga is a waste of potential. I guess all the research and development in the world is no match for mimickry and a button up your wazoo.
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