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    CT VideoCD question... and another on PAL

    I have a SONY DVD player that plays VCDs as well. I was wondering if the artifact thing was commonplace or if it was because my DVD player isn't reading the discs correctly. I remember when the set came out about a year ago that some said the picture quality was in line with the VHS. I don't find that to be true at all. Whenever there is a lot of motion on the screen there are a ton of artifacts or distortion.

    Does anyone else have this problem with their VCDs?

    One other question... if I can play the VCDs, which are PAL encoded and not NTSC, should I be able to play PAL DVDs??
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    The artifact thing is common with VCDs in scenes where there is a lot of motion. I doubt that there is anything wrong with your player.

    As for the PAL vs. NTSC question, as far as I know, VCDs are not region-specific, so you should be able to play any VCD, assuming that your TV can handle the signal that your player generates (ie. NTSC TVs may not be able to play your PAL discs). DVDs are another matter. Your player is setup to only play DVDs from one specific region (ie. North America, Europe, etc.). You won't be able to play DVDs from other regions. If you are able to watch PAL VCDs, then I think you should be able to watch a PAL encoded DVD, as long as it's from the correct region (note: I don't think you'll find many PAL encoded DVDs in North America).
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