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    Hasbro needs to make a new Jedi Luke

    In my opinion, i think Hasbro should re-do the 12" Jedi Luke Skywalker. I think he should be wearing an all black robe and come with his green lightsaber, and whats with the bone, maybe he should aslo come with R2 which has a part which can fire out lukes lightsaber handle like in the movie? Thats just my idea, so what do you people think?

    Oh, another idea would be that luke come with a magnetic hand which would attract to the lightsaber so luke could catch it when r2 shoots it out. Wishful thinking i guess
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    The FAO schwartz exclusive version of Luke: Jedi that came with Bib Fortuna included his cloak. They left it off the re-issue so that there would be some difference between the 2 releases.

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    That would be cool to see a lightsaber-launching R2 in the 12" line.

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    maulrat, great idea with the R2-D2 lightsaber ejector. I don't have an opened version of the 6" R2, and every version since the original POTF2 release hasn't been up to snuff IMO. So, I'd like another whack at a 6" R2. I never liked the glow-in-the-dark lightsaber blade. I don't know how others feel but I think this feature (or lack thereof) should be consistent with all jedi. I'd rather see Luke with a clear green one instead of the glow-in-the-dark.
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    Oh, the bone. Isn't really useful unless you have a 1/6th scale Rancor is it? Haha. It would be cool to see but somehow I don't think it's going to happen.
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    I'm working on a custom Jedi Luke now. i'll post pics when I can &
    hope you like it.


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    i would like to have made a jedi luke with utiliry belt , not like the one on the speeder bike, but the he wore when he met the emperor . and yes it would be good for R2 to launch the light saber , and have the glove come off to show the blast wound on his mechanical hand.


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