Hi to the whole universe of Star Wars.

I think i have found a place for me to let off steam from a yet another tiring day!!

To kick things off, i would like to share with fellow collectors my collection. I'm a avid collector of Japanese and US toys and that is the reason why i created a East and West Toy Haven within my home.

For Japanese collection, i have tried to streamline into Ultramans and Kamen Riders, but often get myself into trouble by dabbling into other Jap characters.

I love Marvel Heroes but due to space constraint, i can only devoted half of my Toy Room into a 12" Star Wars Pod. I have almost all the 12" available except Defense of Naboo and Masterpiece Aurra Sing.

Please do write emails to me at lawrence_ong@pacific.net.sg and attached pictures of your best figures/toycollection.

I would certainly love to store them and "drool" over the pictures whenever the day hits rock bottom

BTW, i have uploaded many poorly taken digipixs of my whole collection, some toys i'm clearing at the present moment and shots of my house designed by our local Interior Archi Firm StudioFishmongers! Enjoy