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    bad movies come with bad actors

    I must agree with The Quick And The Dead, what a God awful movie, and the bullet hole thing was mighty ridiculous. But alas, I can not watch any movie with Nic Cage in it. His acting is so pathetic, I seriously doubt that if he didn't have his connections in Hollywood, he would never have had a chance at acting, maybe he would be running a McDonalds or something. His acting style is repeated in every movie, DULL BORING and MONOTONOUS. Wait, he could make a good soap opera actor

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    As a Sam Raimi fan, I'm quite shocked that anyone could have not enjoyed The Quick and the Dead. Truly superb filmmaking. Maybe you guys are talking about a different piece of film in an alternate universe.

    Just about everything Sam does is at least good if not great. How can you argue with (all the) Evil Deads, Darkman, Q&tD? I'll give a hair on For Love of Game, but I liked it because it was about baseball and Sam made it more than just a sappy love story. I was ecstatic that he ended up with SpiderMan. Only a handful of guys in Hollywood can handle comic book material (clearly "happy boy" Joel Schumacher ain't one of em) and Sam is definitely up there.

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    I saw Evil Dead and i thought it was ok...Darkman i havent seen it yet, but The quick and the dead...i feel that way cuzz i compare it with Tombstone, unforgiven, Wyatt Earp...even Young Guns, nothing personal about that movie, as a matter of fact Sharon is there, but Russel Crowe and Leo Dicaprio...cowboys??? Anyway...i'll check out Darkman to see Sam's work there.
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    Tremors 3

    There are a lot more but these 3 are at the top of the list.

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    Thumbs down

    There are few movies that I actually hate, but I would define them as films that I adamantly recommend people NEVER watch or in very few cases, movies that I just cannot force myself to sit through. The following are films that I feel had something fundamentaly wrong with them in the concept stage, and never should have been made to begin with:

    Breaking the Waves (probably the most depressing movie ever)
    Being John Malkovich (just wrong on so many levels)
    The Big Lebowski (I couldn't finish this one, nothing funny about it)
    A Clockwork Orange (watched it on recommendation, never again)

    Yes, I know that all these films have been praised by critics as genius, but I just really hated them.
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    The only two films I have ever walked out on are Brahm Stoker's Dracula and Hot Shots. I had a huge problem swallowing the first one and the jokes in the second one were so easy and stupid. I only paid $1.50 for each, back in high school. (Well, maybe 3 bucks... I was on a date both times. )

    I actually was almost an extra in the Quick and the Dead. It was filmed at a studio in Tucson where my dad was general manager. I got to see Stone and Hackman in person. My dad couldn't drive me to the shoot on the day they needed extras, though. I'm kind of glad now, it's an incredibly stupid movie.

    Others I hate:

    Your Friends and Nieghbors--I heard how great this was, showing the cruelty and pettiness of men and women, and how they treat each other. But it all seemed so pointless, and I found it hard to even care about the characters.

    Friday the Thirteenth, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and their sequels and knockoffs--When I was a kid, I was afraid to see them. Around age 13, I started watching them, to see what they were like, and because my friends did. I didn't think they were scary. I thought they were dumb, and I still do. Still good for a laugh. I kinda like Scream, though.

    Hellraiser series--I often hear how deep and philosophical these are. I've only seen about two and a half of them, but I don't get it. It's just senseless gore, pretentious dialogue, and occasional sex.

    Star Trek five and Generations--worst of the series.
    Point Break--my vision of hell is to be locked in a room with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Keanu is the reason I still don't want to see The Matrix.
    Armageddon--I watched this at work and we predicted the plot as the movie played. We weren't wrong, once.
    Johnny Mnemonic--Continuing my Keanu theme, this movie has not much to do with the William Gibson story it's based on, eliminates one of his best characters, and also just sucks.
    Fast and the Furious--okay, I haven't seen this, but it looked really stupid.
    Speed--Dennis Hopper almost saves it, but Sandra Bullock sucks almost as much as Keanu.
    Waterworld--do I really need to say anything here?
    My Own Private Idaho--okay, maybe I'm too obsessed with how much Keanu sucks. This movie would probably be fine if he didn't go off into Shakespearean passages from Henry the IV and Henry the V.

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    Originally posted by Obi-Dan Kenobi

    Speed--Dennis Hopper almost saves it, but Sandra Bullock sucks almost as much as Keanu.

    I liked the first Speed movie but what about Speed 2 Cruise Control,Man that was a bad movie!
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    Mighty Ducks 1, 2, & however many sequels it has - I just can't stand these movies, yes, I know...even Emilio can't save it

    Inspector Gadget - I hate Disney for turning my favorite childhood cartoon into....into this monstrosity!

    Deep Blue Sea - *groan* this was just stupid

    TITANIC - Suck, suck, suck, suck, uh-suckity, suck, suck?

    Leprechaun 4 - what was I thinking renting this in the first place?

    Super Mario Bros. - This could have been cool. Buuuuut it wasn't.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - This was the worst of the series.

    Bride of Chucky - Okay, this was just plain silly.
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    I saw Batman & Robin on opening day 20 minutes after Speed 2 let out... B&R looked SO much better after Speed 2! Sure, B&R is an awful, terrible, humiliating film, but it's no Speed 2.

    But like Fulit, I think after the 1989 Batman film, the franchise just wasn't very good. Even Burton treated his second pass at the Bat with bloated self-indulgment.

    Wild Wild West was another totally awful film. The show was great, but I didn't know that till AFTER the movie! Kevin Kline and even Will Smith are pretty entertaining in their own rights, but man did this movie suck.

    BC3, I thought Insurrection was only slightly better than Generations, both of which are the bottom of the barrel Trek films, but still I think better than Speed 2.

    Starfig, thanks for reminding me about Inspector Gadget, that film was pure garbage! Super Mario was a bad film too, but I think IG was waaaaaay worse.
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    I agree that Keanu's acting really does suck in Speed, but he does it better in The Matrix. The Matrix is actually really, really really good. How can you NOT enjoy? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Johnny Depp plays that INCREDIBLY! And Titanic- Leo sucks, parts of it are corny but i thought it was brilliant. It could have been a happy-fairy-tale love story, the ship docked in New York and they got off together. But no, the ship went down, and Rose lost her man, because that's the way it had to be, see? See what I am sayin?


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