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    Thumbs down AND THE WORST MOVIE EVER IS...


    I thought the series was decent, but this movie is just pure excrement. I thought the Care Bears Movie was Oscar material compared with this LOC. The plot was sooooo boring and Sean Connery was ridiculous as the bad guy. I guess every actor gets to be in one huge flop, so this was Ralph Fiennes'. I can honestly say that this was the only movie I've ever fallen asleep while watching (at least I only rented it and didn't spend $7+ at the Bijou.

    Nightfall - I agree, it was horrible.

    Batman 3 & 4 - Could anyone make a g ayer film? (Why does SSG *'s out that word? Is it really that bad?)

    The Man Who Knew Too Little - Totally disagree. Sure there were some corny parts, but it was pretty funny and well written.

    I also include any Disney straight-to-video movie. Just a money making scam to fund the Mouse's cheese habit.
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    I'm not going to list the ones I disagree with, but here's some contributions to the all-time crap list. I am ashamed to say I've seen all of them:

    Benji the Hunted
    Mac and Me
    In and Out
    Highlander 2: The Quickening
    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
    China O'Brien
    Jurassic Park III
    Jerry MacGuire
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Originally posted by Brave Sir Robin
    The Matrix is actually really, really really good. How can you NOT enjoy?

    Umm, maybe if they had bothered to write a story that made any sense at all I might have liked it a little bit. I mean, really, Kung Fu? What the hell was that? Human batteries? Gimme a break. Humans are about as bad producers of electricity as my pencil.

    You asked.

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    EGAD! I forgot the movie that makes all my other choices (except maybe for Mac and Me) look like Oscar material:
    Good Burger
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Crouching Tiger, Hidden


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    i think the ***ing out of the word g a y is because people use it negatively, as you used to describe the two Batman movies as opposed to referring to an actual homosexual.

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    Originally posted by Brave Sir Robin
    i think the ***ing out of the word g a y is because people use it negatively, as you used to describe the two Batman movies as opposed to referring to an actual homosexual.

    Since Schmacher is of that persuasion, the judges ruling on what he did to the franchise holds that use of that word is acceptable in this context. Instead of creating a big screen version of a comic book favorite, he bastardized the idea into his own little perv-fest.

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    As an objective Jedi Knight there are few things I cannot find some good in. Seriously, though, there is only one movie I've seen that could fall under "hate."


    It was an early Chris Rock "film." This is how I describe it to everyone who asks: It starts in a flashback sequence, and then the credits roll. Awful! Useless. I think it was a matinee price, so it wasn't so bad. Yuck!
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    I'm fighting with myself to say Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure...but...but I just can't! I will say I though Bogus Adventure was better IMO.

    And I hate Matrix. Cripes that was a dumb movie. The stupid thing reeeeeeally shouldn't have won an Academy Award for that dang bullet scene...*sighs* why the heck that was so "cool" I'll never know.

    And thats saying alot from me. After all, I LIKE Howard the Duck! GAH HA HA!
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    I was totally perplexed as to why the friends I went to go see The Matrix with were saying it changed their lives. Even though we were sitting only one seat away from each other (the legendary Golf-Alpha-Yankee rule when going to the theater with other guys) they must have been watching a different movie. I thought it had a slow, boring plot stapled together with gee-whiz action sequences. For that Gap commercial rip-off to win the SP/FX Oscar over TPM was the ultimate slap in the face to Star Wars.

    Austin Powers 2-- never have I been so unamused while watching a movie. I felt like my pockets had just been picked by Mike Myers as I left the theater.

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Unbreakable-- not really bad movies, just waaaay overrated.
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